Top 20+ Profitable Agricultural Business ideas to start in 2022

top 10 agricultural business ideas in india

Dreaming to commencement your own agricultural Start-up business ideas ?

Looking out for some profitable innovative ideas in agriculture that can make you a millionaire in 2022?

or Casually looking out for money-making Business-plan To make money in India?

If your answer is yes, then you are not alone.

Thousands of Farming aspirants are gazing about How to start own Small businesses Agribusiness related in India.

Many of them not even having any idea on innovative Niche ideas for agriculture projects to start and how to farm productively?

Are you also facing the same issue, not getting any Small business ideas on agriculture?

Then, you have landed on the right platform. one helping hand is eagerly waiting for you from Choosemore.

You heard true - Our team collected the top 20 Farming business ideas to a start a business with smaller investments.

All the below mentioned ideas gathered from the farmers who well succeed & well managed their farms.

So, without any doubts, one can choose any one of the below-mentioned items and start implementing it.

Many Farming Aspirants are losing in this game due to a lack of awareness proper guidance on how to implement things in just the right ways.

Small business There might be a thousand reasons for not getting success, but if you choose the right business and follow all the guidelines, you will not see failure for sure.

So we thought of adding you to that list.

Are you excited to Starting a business? Same as the way we are?

Then wasting a single second is not one of the best business ideas in 2022

Choosemore team will share with you money making agriculture ideas, Execution methods & Ideas to scale Agriculture in 2021. So, worrying about anything related to the initial steps of implementations.

Anyone can start this New business with smaller investments & lands.

Agriculture is one of the most beloved and the most emerging commerce in India. Not only the fastest-growing discipline but also an essential thing in every human life.

We are alive on this earth because of agriculture for 200% - without food, we cannot survive, agree or not? We have to agree.

Now organic farming has lots of value in our life most of us like to have organic & healthy meal every day.

So, why should we not start the same business? Yes, we can.

So far, we are clear about starting an agriculture business with a smaller investment, but what kind of investment? What type of agriculture business can you choose?

There are plenty of agriculture business ideas available that you start today. Many of them not even required much financial support.

Choosemore team has done the research and found these money-making agricultural businesses that anyone can start on their own.

All the below-mentioned agriculture ideas are on the feedback of Many Experienced people.

Then wasting a single second is not an ideal farming business idea.

20+ Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas In India

Here is the list of 20 agriculture-related business ideas, choose the business idea you like and start it ASAP.

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1. Farming of Poultry Birds

Looking out for massive income each month- then the poultry bird farm business is the right choice for you. Initial stages required a bit of investment, but within months you will get 5-10X times ROI. One of the most proven resulting farming niches to choose from without any doubts. All you need to do is Grow poultry birds from birth to market stage.

Highlights of Poultry Business

  • Massive Returns within lessTime
  • Large Spaces not required
  • Small capital enough to start
  • No Need for High Maintenance
  • Huge Global Demand
  • Easy Marketing

Later we can sell them in the market where demand exists. We can sell birds, meat & Eggs to local retainers directly without any broken support.

Poultry niches you can choose from,

  • Egg Production
  • Meat production
  • Poultry feed production
  • Chicken breeding
  • Egg and meat processing
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2. Milk Dairy

Evergreen business in India with proven results, it is an open fact that We drink milk every day & we use milk for many purposes. So the demand for milk is always high. So this is one of the most promising fields that we can invest in blindly without thinking about it. It requires a decent amount of investments & small land Space. We can get a return on investment in a short period.

Highlights of Milk dairy Business

  • Standard income each month
  • Easy manageable
  • less land consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy Loan Approvals
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3. Organic Tree farm

Long-term profitable Farm business idea to start, for the people who have a large number of lands. Organic Tree farm business requires more abundant space and capital to invest during the initial stage. It is a one-time investment business in India with proven long-term profits.

Organic Tree business best suits people looking for conventional income, long-term business goals. One of the cool things about this Tree farm is that even if you cut them, they will turn again without planting them again.

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4. Exporting Fruit and Vegetable

Another small scale business on our list is that fruits and vegetable exports. It might not sound great to you, disregarding it can deliver massive profits in just days. All you have to do is, collect fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from Farmers nearby. Sell them in the market where the demand exists.

You might need one stable shop for this so that people can come and visit. The moment you maintain quality, consumers will run all the days towards you.

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5. Dry flower House

Dry flower -Longterm Profitable business with small investments. It has greater importance in the crafting field also for hobbyists. If you look for one standard business idea without any ups and downs, then Dry flower business idea is an ideal choice for you.

It requires agricultural land where you can grow a variety of flowers & you can make them dry. Once they are ample desiccated, then you can sell them in the market directly.

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6. Farming Mushroom

If you are looking for profits in a short time then this agricultural business idea is for you only. This is one of the best agricultural businesses that you can start today and get profits in a very short period. Once mushrooms are grown you can directly sell them in the local market or you can export them wherever the demand presents.

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7. Hydroponic store

One of the recent methods of growing plants without using soil for plants growing. Yes, you heard right this is one of the subsets of horticulture growing crops/plants without soil. It has greater demand in recent years. So if you are looking for a solid income for a long time then you should try this.

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8. Organic fertilizer production

One of the simple agri businesses that you can start today. This business won’t require lots of space and huge Machinary investment, all you need is a small space where you can keep the organic fertilizer you have purchased from organic fertilizer production houses and make them available to village people.

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9. Florist Store

This is one of the Home based & Online business that you can start with low investment. It is an art of flower arrangement and making them attractive to the customer. If you can keep your store nearby function halls then your job is done, because every function needs flowers. Hence it is one of the most promising businesses that you can invest.

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10. Beekeepinge

One of the most promising and standard profit businesses that anyone can start . We have to grow the bees and monitor them on a day to day basis.

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11. Broom production House

One of the must have a tool/gadget in every house that is Broom, without any doubt it is one the promising business that any one can start. It doesn’t even require deep knowledge & huge investment. All you need to do is maintain a good quality product at an affordable price then your job is done.

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12. Quail farming

Quail Farming is also a similar business to poultry birds. We have to grow the quills and feed them the quality food until they grow bigger. Once they are grown we can sell it’s meat, Eggs & Quail birds directly in the market.

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13. Fish farming

One of the biggest and most used agricultural methods with promising results is fish farming. All you need to do is to grow fishes and make them healthy by feeding proper food . Once they are grown you can sell them at a greater price.

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14. Groundnut processing

One of the unique businesses with proven profits, you can get your profits in a short period of time if you can process the groundnuts. It won’t need lots of huge investment, you need to have a land that can grow groundnuts.

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15. Farming of medicinal herbs

If you are the one who is looking for massive profits then this is the business for you. You need to have good knowledge if not also you have to learn. All you need to do is to grow herbs by taking proper licence from the government.

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16. Corn Farming

Everyone of us at one point must have had this Corn , that situation might be in movie theatres, or in street shopping ...etc .not only that it has huge demand in the national and international market. So you can try this business with the help of modern technology.

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17. Goat Farming

Are you a non-veg lover, then you don’t need any introduction to this business. Like any other business it has its unique quality. This is the business that never goes down; you will be always in profits only.

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18. Fodder farming Business

Another cool business that just needs a nominal investment and bit management knowledge. All you need to do is get the animal feed from big cities and make it available to small towns and villages.

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19. Rabbit farming

This is one of the unique businesses that has its own level of fan base. Rabbit wools have greater demand in the international market. Not only its wool people love to grow rabbits in their houses. So it is one of the smart businesses that you can choose.

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20. Spice processing

Last but not least, this is one of the in demand businesses that every woman needs in her house.

Hope you like our article and our information gave some ideas to you, Thanks for Reading.

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