Best Internship Websites in India for Students 2022

10 Best Internship Websites in India

Are you scanning for internship portals available in India that can contribute or a list of internship programs available around us?

Or the one who is looking for one site like choosemore that can allow a list of Top rated internship sites for college students?

Or the one who is previously done with your education looking for internship possibilities in well-reputed companies? Are you scanning for the same?

If your answer is then you’ve landed on the right galaxy.

Yes, you heard right our choosemore Team has accumulated a list of top-rated internships providing sites for college students available in India.

This list of portals is not only serviceable for college students also for job hunters or enthusiasts looking for opportunities in multinational & SME companies for internship purposes.

All the below mentioned internship websites in India are very responsive and easy to use in real-time. In case if you belong to any of the above-mentioned categories you must log in to the below-mentioned top internship sites like internshala rest they will take care of.

Once you create profiles and are done with updating your profile in these portals you can directly apply for the companies you like to join.

We all know the facts & truths about jobs open in India, getting one job as a fresher in India in the current circumstances too difficult.

So instead of applying for reputed companies and wasting time, you can apply for internship programs.

Only skilled professionals can understand the kind of huddles they have gone through during their job hunt period.

What is an Internship?

An internship is nothing but one trainee position of a student in an organization. Companies will qualify these intern candidates with some handsome pay(sometimes without pay depending on the company policies ) to help work experience Requirements for student Qualification.

Who can apply for an Internship?

Any graduate or students who are about to complete their graduation from recognized colleges. In most cases, colleges only invite companies to take students for internship programs. So whoever is interested/ qualified for the internship program can join.

Type of Internships available in India?

There are multiple types of internships available in India among all of them; the below-mentioned types are the best choice.
  • Part-time
  • Full-time

How to find internships in India?

This is the most common question across internship enthusiasts i.e “ How to find internships in India?”. Finding an internship program becomes very easy with choosemore.
Choosemore? Hold on for a second? You might get this question: How come choosemore related to the internship portal? yes again heard true choosemore here to provide one helping hand to internship enthusiast in the form of collecting a list of top 10 internship sites in India. Cheers :)

What are the benefits of internships?

There are plenty of benefits of an internship as a college student few of them listed down below,
  • Hands-on professional work experience
  • Work culture understanding
  • Direct placement after your internship(depends on performance)
  • Can work with experienced professionals
  • Certificate after you program
  • grow your professional network
So without wasting further time and energy let’s jump into the real fun I.e list of summer internships in india for high school students providing internships in India. Our Choosmore Team collected these sites based on quality & Quantity of internships available, several industries, usability & user feedback on review portals. All of them are great at doing their jobs wonderfully by offering handsome internships.

Top 10 internship sites in India

#1. Internshala

About Portal : Internshala, The most popular summer internships site in India 2022 listing a variety of internship programs from companies across India. Any internship enthusiast can apply to over 10,000+ internship programs for free all over India. In this internship portal, you can apply for popular categories as Part-time and Full-time. Along with internship programs they also offer online training for the below category fields.
What Makes Popular
  • 10K+ internship programs opportunities
  • programs in india & other countries
  • Internship in the field you are looking for
  • Online Training for each category...etc

#2. LetsIntern

About Letsintern : One of the best internships listing websites in India having over 4 Million students across the globe, 290000+ job opportunities & 22k+ companies listed. Not just company tie-ups also many colleges directly tie up with this best internship website. In this online internship platform, students can find meaningful Internships with organizations of all scales
What Makes Popular
  • 290000+ Job opportunities
  • 22k+ Companuie tie-ups
  • Direct college tie-ups
  • Internship program from each industry
  • Part-time/Full-time Type of Internships

#3. LinkedIn

About Linkedin Internships : college students might not be aware of this professional networking site, but most of the working professionals. Linkedin is not only a professional networking platform; it is also one of the best internship websites in India & around the globe offers a variety of jobs, internships in various fields. Every college student must create one profile not just only for getting an internship opportunity but for creating their professional network. All you need to do is create and complete your profile with the required information, hit the search bar, and search for an internship. You can find tons of internships across the globe. Type of Internships available : Part-time/Full-time

#4. HelloIntern

About HelloIntern :📢 Another Great internship site aims to bring the concept of internship/apprenticeship to the center stage established in 2006. They do offer Global internships, events, partnerships, Placement & Remote internship programs to internship enthusiasts. As they have a mentor program that aims to help college students & Freshers of finding the best internship for you. They have a good connection base with some companies like Vivo, Titan, Decathlon, Citrus, Zee Media, and other companies.
What Makes Popular
  • Excellent internship opportunities
  • Global internship programs
  • Online training for the domain you’re interested in
  • Direct placement programs
  • Summer internship programs..etc

#5. Youth4Work

About Youth4Work : One of the premier internship websites in India & one of the best 'marketplaces for talent with a user base of 5 million+ users. It works in a different style of offering job opportunities. It has a unique method of testing candidates, this test enabling helps to identify the best job related to skills you’re carrying.
What Makes Popular
  • Practice Tests
  • Job seekers- search & Post jobs
  • Certification courses
  • Follow other employees

#6. FreshersWorld

About freshersworld : Everyone knows that It is a job portal of course it is. But it also offers a variety of internship programs to college students & Freshers. One of the coolest & unique things about freshersworld is it's one of the Best websites to apply for jobs & internships within government institutions.
What Makes Popular
  • Jobs all over India
  • Interview preparation
  • Previous placement papers
  • Study abroad guidance
  • Computer training courses..etc

#7. GlassDoor

About Glassdoor: Glassdoor worldwide leader in insights about jobs and company information at your fingertips. The most popular company review site online is also a great site for both students & working professionals. You can find job opportunities & internships directly from the companies themselves. All you need to do as a student is create a profile and follow companies you wanted to step into. Also one of the coolest features about this platform you can post your experience about the organizations directly.
What Makes Popular
  • Job posting and searching
  • Discover companies
  • Compare company salaries &Jobs
  • Discovery Interviews
  • Post Review about any company

#8. OysterConnect

About oysterconnect : One best of the destinations to get internships & Part-Time jobs from well Known companies around us. Oysterconnect worked with 400+ customers which include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Unilever, GSK, OYO, Milkbasket, Patanjali,, GSK & Shiksha among others. All you need to do is sign up and activate your profile by following the instructions given in the email. Then you can apply for internship opportunities available.
What Makes Popular
  • 4,50,000+ Students
  • 1200+ Colleges
  • 220+ Cities
  • 400+ customers

#9. Makeintern

About Makeintern : Another internship website in India offering the best opportunities to the students by connecting students to corporates for internships. They also conduct workshops for students to gain skills. They have a decent amount of internship programs in each business category all over India.
What Makes Popular
  • Office Internships
  • Corporate training
  • Virtual Internships
  • Campus Internships

#10. Virtualinternships

About virtual internships: One of the best platforms for Virtual Internships from an Education Technology company on a mission. They do offer University Internships & High School Internships to each internship aspirant.
What Makes Popular
  • 97% Program Completion
  • Participants From 125+
  • Host Companies In 70+ Countries
  • Partner For Student Employability

FAQs on Internship Websites in India

Q1. Do you get paid to do an internship?

Ans:  it depends on the type of organization you choose and organization policies. But most of the organization pays to internship candidates.

Q2. How do I apply for an internship?

Ans:  Applying for internships becomes very easy, we have listed all the top 10 internship sites in India with site links. Hit the site link, sign up, complete details. You can find tons of internship programs, you can directly apply them.

Q3. What is the best website for internships?

Ans:  According to our research, Internshala is one of the best websites for internships.

Q4. What are some of the best sites to apply for internships in India?

Ans:  Please refer to our above list, choosmore team has listed some of the best sites to apply for internships in India

Q5. How and where to apply for an internship in India?

Ans:  Please refer to our above list, choosmore team has listed some of the best sites to apply for internships in India

Q6. How can a college student find internships?

Ans:  Please refer to our above list, choosmore team has listed some of the best sites to apply for internships in India

Q7. How can I apply for an internship at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?

Ans:  Please refer to our above list, choosmore team has listed some of the best sites to apply for internships in India

Q8. How do I apply for a summer internship?

Ans:  Please refer to our above list, choosmore team has listed some of the best sites to apply for internships in India


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