10 Best Question And Answer (Q & A) Websites List 2022

Question And Answer Websites list

Are you hunting for top-rated online Q & A sites that let users post questions and get answers to pertinent inquiries they have?

or the one who is scanning for the best online Q & A forums that can pass answers to your niche related queries?

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Are you looking for the same? If your answer is them you must discontinue your hunt and stay amidst choosmore. Yes, you heard right, you got one helping hand from the choosemore team that can help you on finding the right online Q & A forum where you will get weights of questions linked to your industry. Cool right cheers -:).

Lots of netizens started using these online Questions and answers communities to get their queries sorted from business people. These Q &amop; A sites in India got a huge acknowledgment due to the fact there is an answer available for each query you have. This is the main reason why most of the netizens & other people are visiting these best Q&A sites.

What are Q & A sites and how do they work?

A Question and answer site is an online community platform where any users can share their thoughts on other person queries & even post questions they have on their mind directly by registering to that platform. While doing signup, the platform asks you to add topics that you like to participate in. Once done you can see tons of queries related to the topic you have selected. The moment other people see your question they will respond to that question you’ve posted.

Why are Q & A sites popular?

The answer is quite simple and straightforward, the best place to find answers to all your queries in a single place. Not only ends with that you can even ask people by posting your queries on the platform directly. So that it will reach maximum people into that niche likewise you get answer resolved from the same industry people.

How to Ask Questions on Q & A sites?

Asking questions becomes super simple and easy, all you need to do is create an account in the below-mentioned questions posting sites and verify your account. Navigate to your profile on the platform you will get a CTA button like “ Ask, Post Question” click on that button and share your queries with the world.

How to Answer Questions on Q & A sites?

Do you have answers to the questions that people are looking at on this Q & A platform in India, then the world is looking for your help. Select the answer you would like to answer and write an informative answer to the query.

Questions & Answers Website Guidelines to follow

Here is the list of guidelines you need to obey in case you want to participate in these sites for Q & A. few of the guidelines listed below,
  • Online original content is allowed
  • No Spamming
  • User-friendly content
  • Informative & genuine content

Question and Answer sites for SEO

Yes, you heard right! There are plenty of SEO benefits with the below-mentioned sites. Meaning to say that you can generate millions of traffic to your site through this Q & A forums online. All the below-mentioned sites have higher Domain Authority & citation, so the Q & A site can be your primary traffic source if you use them in the right way.

Not just a traffic source to your online platform, the best question and answer websites on the Internet can be a good source to increase your backlinks. All you need to do is find out questions that are related to your business offering and add unique answers to each of them. So that users can read info about your services/ products and they can visit your site.

10 Awesome Q&A Sites in India 2022

Here is our list of Top10 Most Visited Question and Answer Websites in India 2022 that you can join today and share your knowledge with the world in just minutes.

#1. Quora.Com


About Quora: Without having any doubt Quora is one of the world's leading Q & A forums on the internet with billions of users. There are many cool features available on the Quora platform that you cannot stop using. features like following topics, upvoting the answer you like, adding your comments of each answer and you can share them with friends & family.

They have another cool feature called “Quora space” - where you can create your space platform like a site and you can share your regular updates. Another cool feature is that you even earn money also by monetizing your content. Cool right!

#2. Answers.Com


About Answers.com: one of the most trusted places to answer questions and ask queries you have. By answering questions you can earn points in real-time the more points base you have more credibility to your answers. Not only that you can even check stats for your answered questions in real-time. You can find a variety of categories here. answers.com seems and works like a Wikipedia - styled source for information.

Not just that you can get plenty of SEO benefits like Higher domain Authority, higher link juice & high-Quality backlinks to your online platform.

#3. Answerbag.Com


About Answerbag: Another great Question and answer portal that enabled many great features to its users. They aim to offer Q & A as a service to people looking for answers and a good conversation. You find tons of Questions and Answers on this online platform in just seconds. You can also respond to the answers that are already active on this platform by adding comments and stars. So that you can earn points, by earning points, you’ll level up and become a novice, expert, or professor.

#4. Stackoverflow.Com


About StackOverflow: Stackoverflow- one of the best online platforms & community for developers where they can learn, share thoughts & build a career in programming. Not just ended with they do have a dedicated forum where any programming aspirants can come and ask questions, share answers to any questions. Cool right! If you want to become a developer you can join this Q & A online community for programming today.

Another cool feature in this platform is that voting system for answers, the more votes you receive for specific questions the more exposure you will get like the same you have done voting feature too.

#5. Linkedin Answers


About Linkedin: without any doubt, it is one of the most used professional networks on the internet. In LinkedIn, you do get space where you can add questions and answer queries. But most of the queries you get here are related to professional careers. Meaning to say that if you are the one who is seeking answers related to professional, business queries you can get them sorted from industry experts. Also, you can build your network on LinkedIn by connecting your niche people in just minutes.

#6. Ask.fm


About Ask. fm: Another Great platform online community platform for Questions and answers where you can share and ask questions directly. like other Q & A sites online ask.FM works on the same model. You will get credits to your answers the more credits you have more credibility to your answers. One cool feature from ask. fm is that you can even share your thoughts anonymously.

#7. Wikihow


About wikiHow: One of the most trusted how-to sites on the internet that allow users to ask questions and share answers to queries. All you need to do is register an account using your email id and complete your profile. You do get an option to choose the category you like to join on the home page itself.

#8. Super User

Super User

About Super User: This is an online community platform for computer users you do get tons of questions related to computer enthusiasts. All you need to do is register an account using your email id and complete your profile. You do get an option to choose the category you like to join on the home page itself.

#9. Answer Bank

Answer Bank

About theanswerbank: Another great Q & A site 2022 on our list that helps users to get answers to questions related to a wide variety of categories online. One of the cool features of this platform is that you get segregation for questions that are already answered and unanswered separately.

#10. warrior forum

warrior forum

About warrior forum: if you are a digital marketer looking for the best search queries for q and a site for SEO & Digital marketing this must be your halt station. In this forum, you'll get tons of Questions and answers related to Digital marketing - All modules. At the same time, you get answers to your queries from industry experts.

Pro Advice:

Hope you got a list of the top 10 sites for Questions and Answers that are in the trending space in India. We have a lot more sites available on the internet that are also very useful and highly authorized. so choosemore team collected them as well and listed them below find them here.

Here are the best Question and Answer Websites

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