Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India 2022 - Shop Now Pay later

Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India 2022

Are you in the hunt for top-rated Buy now Pay later Apps in India that are in trending space on stores?

Or the one looking for decent apps-related pay later in 2022?

Or who is looking for one online information site like choosemore that can present a list of shop now and play later after 15 days, 30 days apps?

Are you looking for the corresponding?

Then you‘re not singly! There are millions of people seeing & using the same.

Yes, you heard right! There are millions of people using these modern digital apps that are offering this shop now and pay a later feature.

There is a huge demand for these digital Apps on both the play store & App store since it’s features and usage.

Our choosemore team collected epaylater buy now pay later application list based on the user feedback( Downloads, ratings & comments) on both play store & app store.

So in this portion choosemore team sharing complete information on these BNPL( Buy now pay later) Applications like - List of Apps, how to download, how to apply & features of each of them.

With dissipating besides time and energy let’s jump into real fun.

What is the Buy Now Pay Later App?

Buy Now Pay Later App is an application that you can use for online payments such as - Booking, shopping & other payment needs. Looks like normal software only? Is it? It is not. It works like an online payment app but you don’t need to do any debt from your wallet. Cool right! don’t get too excited you have to pay after some time.

Meaning to say that these BNPL apps do payments whenever you don’t have money on your wallet or whenever you need money after 15-30 days you have to repay the same to these apps.

How to use Buy Now and Pay later Apps in 2022?

Usage of these pay later sites / Applications becomes super simple and easy. All you need to do is download the best pay later in EMI Applications and do register by entering your details like number, PAN, first name, last name, email & other required details rest app I'll take care of.

They will take min time for reviewing your profile, credit score & other details once the review is done they will release funds to your Pay Later accounts.

Who can use these Pay Later Apps?

There are no such measures like only these kinds of people can get credit from these shops now and pay later Applications. These pay later options are created to cater to people who need money. If you have a good credit score & history then 100% sure you will get approval.

Benefits of Using these Buy now pay later App in 2022

There are plenty of perks to using these apps in India give pay later services for 1 month. Few of them are,

  • Instant Credit Approval
  • Simple to use
  • Credit limit up to 1,00,000
  • Can use for shopping
  • Can use for online Booking
  • Support most of the shopping Apps

Where can we use these Pay later Apps?

This is one of the typical mysteries that come when you discover about the pay later option. These latest Apps for Pay later feature support most of the shopping sites like Flipkart, zomato, Amazon, Dunzo...etc, for more particulars go to the merchants they support option inside the App.

Top 10 Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India List

Here is the list of Top rated 10 Buy Now pay later Apps India that are in use like hot cakes in the market. So choose the Best Advanced credit application from the below list. Choosemore listed site link, App link for both play store and App store, so you can download the app directly from either site or store.

#1. LazyPay

LazyPay Buy Now Pay Later App

About Lazypay: One of the most popular and widely downloaded Pay later app in India. Users loved this application because of its features such as instant loan, and merchant support. One of the cool things about this lazy pay is also available on UPI now. Like other pay later services available on the market Lazypay also has 15- day cycle of payments- one can pay before 15 days(3rd and 18th of each month bill remainders) also if they like to clear the payment. Along with pay later service, they also have other such as instant personal loan & EMI.

They support the most popular utility apps like Zomato, Tata Sky, Dunzo, Bigbasket, Abhibus, Bookmyshow & More. Don’t just wait, sign up with the required details and get your credit today.

Cool Features
  • Available on UPI
  • Instant approval
  • 15 Day payment cycle
  • Support on popular utility apps
  • credit limits up to Rs100000

#2. Simpl Pay

Simpl Pay - Buy Now Pay Later Apps

About Simpl Pay: Another most popular Pay later App in India with higher active users. you can use this BNPL( Buy Now pay Later App) for simple pay for all your online payment needs. Payment will be done in just seconds though if you are willing to do multiple orders online. Like other pay later services available on the market Simpl Pay also has 15- day(Bills on 1st and 16th) cycle of payments- one can pay before 15 days also if they like to clear the payment. Delay in Payment costs a penalty of Rs. 50 per week + 18% GST.

One can increase the credit limit to whatever extent you look for. You also do have an option called an auto payment inside the app itself so no need to worry about overdue amounts. It is one of the first tech companies that introduced the “buy now, pay later” feature to Indian users.

Cool Features
  • Zero Fees or Interest
  • Great Offers
  • Quick Refunds
  • 250+ merchants

#3. E-Pay Later

E-Pay Later

About E-Pay Later: Another best Pay later platform in India from Arthashastra Fintech Private Limited. Instant credit limits up to Rs.20,000 for eligible candidates with a one-time sign-up. Like other pay later services available on the market E-pay later have a 14-day cycle of payments- one can pay before 14 days if they like to clear the payment.

Applying for credit in this app becomes super easy, you need to submit your details like a PAN card and a valid Government ID. once you submit the required details they E- pay later review your profile based on your credit score & history you I'll get a credit amount in your wallet.

#4. Paytm Postpaid

Paytm Postpaid

About Paytm Postpaid: Paytm is one of the most widely used payment applications in India also for one of the most popular Apps. due to the rise of demand for shop now, pay later feature Paytm also introduced financial credit to All Paytm users. But compared to other Pay Later players in the PAYTM postPaid Take more time for credit approval.

To get the Paytm Postpaid feature in your current account you need to upload KYC, then you should be having a recent transaction with Paytm. But Financial credit depends on the credit score & your transactions on Paytm.

#5. Flipkart Pay later

Flipkart Pay later

About Flipkart Pay later: we strongly believe that introduction is not required for Flipkart because it is one of the widely used shopping apps in India. To make seamless payments to all Flipkart users they have introduced this shop now, pay later feature during the checkout process. Meaning to say that you can purchase any product from Flipkart without spending a single penny from your pocket, pay them after 1 month(5th of next month) usage.

With the Shop Now Pay Later option on Flipkart you can shop any item from any of the price range & you will not miss out on any great deals.

#6. Amazon Pay Later

Amazon Pay Later

About Amazon Pay Later: we again strongly believe that introduction is not required for Amazon as well, because of its fan base. Like Flipkart, Amazon also has an Amazon Pay Later feature for all customers to make seamless payments during their checkout time. Applying for Amazon Pay later features hardly take 3-5 min on the App or on the site itself. Once you receive approval you can pay the bills by next month or over EMIs ranging from 3 to 12 months. All you need to do is navigate to the Pay later option and submit your KYC, verify your identity & accept the terms.

#7. Pay later by ICICI Bank

Pay later by ICICI Bank

About ICICI Pay Later: Yes you heard right ICICI Bank has an Amazing feature called Pay later by ICICI. You can get credit directly from ICICI bank up to 5,000-20,000 & You can get up to 45 days zero interest digital credit with just a click. Using this credit you can pay your bills online, shop, and make payment to any UPI ID. ICICI is the first bank offering Pay later service to customers. Compared to other Traditional BNPL( Buy Now, Pay later ) Apps in India Pay Later from ICICI bank have more time for repayments.

#8. KrazyBee

KrazyBee Buy Now Pay Later

About KrazyBee : India's one of the largest credit Platforms offering Buy Now Pay Later solutions to its customers via a flexible monthly payment plan. With Krazybee credit you can buy online purchases, clothing, accessories, and gadgets. You do get an E-commerce Loan of 20,000 and you can repay them by EMI.

#9. Sezzle

Sezzle Buy Now Pay Later

About sezzle : Another great pay later solution with an interest-free installment option. They have around 300,000 verified consumers from India. The cool thing about With Sezzle, you can shop with thousands of stores and pay for it over 6 weeks, completely interest-free. All you need to do is create an account with a mobile number, verify your email id, add PAN and other KYC details, and connect the UPI id or a bank card for easy repayments. Your job is done, have a happy shopping.

#10. True Balance

True Balance Buy Now Pay Later

About Trubalance: Another great BNPL solution providing platform offering electricity bills, mobile bills, and DTH recharges in pay later Mode. not only Buy now pay later solution but also offering loans to interested customers and you can repay on the 11th day of the utilization of the credit limit.


According to Choosemore pay, later Apps are doing a great job & offering great features to their customers. It has stunning credit-related features so choose the best buy now and pay later Apps as you like from the above list.

FAQs on Pay Later Apps in India

Q1. What are the best buy now to pay later sites?

Ans According to our research Lazypay & simple pay are the best buy now to pay later sites in India.

Q2. Does Amazon buy now pay later?

Ans yes, Amazon buy now pay later feature enabled to its customers.

Q3. What apps let you buy now pay later?

Ans Choosemore Team has listed the top 10 buy now pay later Applications in India, so kindly refer to the above list.


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