Farming Systems & Approaches in India : 10 Major Types

Farming Systems in India

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What are the different types of farming systems?

We have different types of hydroponic Farming systems in agriculture because of the climate conditions & irrigation systems. Not all states can have the same climatic conditions, so the same kind of plants can not grow in all regions of India. Depending on the climatic conditions & seasons Indians grow trees & plants.

#1. Irrigation Farming

Irrigation farming system: It is one of the most used & oldest Farming systems in India. It is a method of supplying water to Farmlands with the help of river water, reservoir water, tank water & Pond water. In most cases, Farmers depend on the water from Tanks, rivers & reservoirs to grow their farms. Using this type of Farming Method farmers grow high-yielding crops like - wheat, rice Cotton & Other crops. Irrigation farming is one of the most important areas of cultivation.

Type of irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Center Pivot Irrigation
  • Subsurface Irrigation
  • Flood And Furrow Irrigation
  • Gravity Irrigation
  • Traveling Gun Irrigation
  • Localized Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Manual Irrigation

#2. Shifting Cultivation

Shifting Cultivation: one of the most used cultivation methods in the northeast and the east coast. In this cultivation method, farmers plot one crop for a while (6 months/ years) once the soil becomes infertile then they stop. Because plotting the same type of crops for years leads to a decrease in crop yield. After that farmers burn & apply slashing methods to make the farmland good for cultivation. Using this Farming system in India Farmers used to cultivate crops like millet, rice, corn, wheat, and root crops.

#3. Plantation Farming

Plantation Farming: it is one of the large-scale cultivation practices that require large amounts of land. Crops like Tea, timber, rubber, teak, bamboo, & coffee estates come under this type of farming method in India. Crops that come under this type of Farming require tropical climatic conditions - at certain climatic conditions, only these crops grow. This type of farming mainly aims to grow plants for commercial purposes & to cover larger markets. Plantation Farming required a larger amount of investment because it required a larger plot, manpower, crops..etc. at the same time, it will deliver huge profits too. This type of crop grows in hilly areas of India such as Himalayan, Nilgiri, north-eastern India & Anamalai in India.

#4. Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation :It is a type of subsistence Agricultural farming method. In this method of Farming Farmers raise the crops in a rotation scheduling method. Meaning to say that growing several Crops one after the other in a fixed rotation in alternative seasons. So there won't be any loss of infertility and can also cover most of the popular crops like millet, wheat, barley &am; mustard. Farmers used to pick the crops depending on the climatic conditions and soil conditions.

#5. Commercial Agriculture

Commercial agriculture system: This is one of the Most popular Agricultural systems in India. In commercial agricultural methods, farmers used to raise crops like cotton, sugarcane, corn, rice & wheat on a large scale. Once these crops were grown, they were exported to neighboring countries to make a profit out of them. Most of the crops are growing for sale in the market. The main purpose of this farming is to do business.

#6. Subsistence Farming

ubsistence Farming: Also known as subsistence farming one of the most popular agricultural systems in villages in the olden days and still used. The entire farmer's family grows crops only to feed themselves not for selling in markets. Meaning to say that whatever crops they grow in their lands they keep it with them for surveillance until the net harvesting. In this approach it won't cost them too much whatever food required for surveillance; they grow that crop only. In general, these types of Farmers don’t use big machines & fertilizers for harvesting, they spend primitive tools on small pieces of land.

#7. Shifting Agriculture

Shifting Agriculture: Also Known as slash and burn agriculture, As the name itself indicates shifting agriculture - shifting the agricultural land after the fertility of the soil decreases. In this type of agriculture farmers used to prepare one land to grow the crops like paddy, maize, millets, and vegetables by clearing the unnecessary stuff on the land. Then they grow crops for Few years once soil fertility decreases they will move to another land.

#8. Intensive Farming

Intensive Farming: One of the Most popular & currently using Farming types in India. Most of the farmers adopted this approach in India because they are looking for decent profits for their crops. They have proper irrigation, fertilizers & machinery available on a large scale so they do farming intensively. Also, farmers are ready to grow high-yielding crops by importing them from outside cities/ countries. At the same time, they do get higher profits because of the high-yielding variety of seeds.

#9. Dry Agriculture

Dry farming: one of the Oldest and still using farming methods(dry land farming). It is a type of crop growing crops without taking any help from irrigation systems. All the crops are grown with this approach by using rainwater. In a few areas farmers do store rainwater in small ponds and they use the same water to grow crops.

#10. Mixed Farming

Mixed farming: One of the most followed agricultural methods in India. Growing more variety of crops simultaneously at the same time. Yes, you heard right! This is one of the common practices in India - Farmers choose one crop as primary and remaining small plant types as their secondary farming method. So they utilize the lands without wasting space in their farmlands.

FAQ on farming systems in Agricultural

Q1. Different types of farming systems?

Ans: Our Team collected top 10 types of farming systems in Agriculture in India ,so please refer to the above info.

Q2. What are the different types of farming systems?

Ans: Choosemore Listed 10 types of farming systems in Agriculture in India ,so please refer to the above info.


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