10 Best YouTube Channels for CAT Exam Preparation 2022

YouTube Channels for CAT Exam Preparation

Dreaming of becoming an MBA graduate?

Hunger to join top-rated IIMs & MBA colleges?

Looking for one assisting hand that can put you in your dream Master's degree institute?

Are you looking for the same? If your answer is yes! then you’re not alone.

There are thousands of people like you looking for the same, cheers:)

Have you apprehended YouTube channels for CAT Exam preparation? In case not, then you are abstaining from a lot of opportunities.

Yes, you heard it true.

You have hundreds of accommodating hands from YouTubers of CAT, providing detailed information on CAT Exam preparation.

Guidance on How to prepare for the Common Admission Test(CAT) in 2022? Strategies to crack & thousands of shortcuts on preparation.

Don’t you think you're missing a lot at the moment?

If your answer is then you must stop wasting your time switching to the cat exam youtube channels that are producing hundreds of tutorial videos on CAT coaching in 2022.

Our choosemore team collected a list of top-rated 10 best youtube channels for CAT Prep in 2022 that are doing a tremendous job.

So without doing further delay let’s jump into more details,

All the below-mentioned channels are expertise in CAT logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude for CAT & English.

Benefits Of CAT Youtube Channels

There are plenty of useful benefits couple of them are listed down,

  • Free to Join( Of course)
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Clear explanation of Each Topic
  • Playlist for Each Chapter
  • Q & A sessions..etc

Don’t pick the cat coaching online channel by looking at the first channel on our List, invest your time on each channel and observe how they are teaching. Once done with all channels review then only come to a conclusion which is best for you.

Best Youtube Channels For CAT Exam Prep

Here is the list of top-rated channels on CAT coaching & tutorial with stunning video lectures. follow them today in just one click.

#1. Rodha

Rodha Youtube Channel

About Rodha channel: One of the most popular dedicated cat video lectures channels sharing a variety of videos on Common Admission Test. in this channel you will get complete guidance on how to prepare? what to read, strategies to crack exams in 2022.

Also, Rodha Youtube Channel is your one-stop solution for online CAT coaching preparation on Youtube with the most Engaging Online High-Quality Video sessions, Q & A sessions & Playlists about CAT exams.

Subscribers 79.1K
Location India
Channel Since 2018

#2. 2IIM CAT Preparation

About 2IIM CAT Preparation channel:One of the best & dedicated channels on youtube offering online assistance for Common Admission Test preparation. It is a venture of IIM alumni aiming to offer classes for CAT and provide study material. In this channel, you will get videos on how to crack CAT and ways to solve interesting questions that appear in CAT.

Subscribers 111K
Location India
Contact Send email
Channel Since 2010

#3. Unacademy CAT

About Unacademy CAT channel: Another desiccated channel for CAT Online coaching from unacademy. Most of us are already aware that unacademy is one of the best online education platforms. So they started one dedicated channel on youtube only for MBA preparation students & CAT Enthusiasts. Unacademy CAT channel becomes your one-stop solution for CAT preparation.

Subscribers 120K
Location India
Contact Send email
Channel Since 2016

#4. Cracku - MBA CAT Preparation

About Cracku - MBA CAT Preparation Channel: Another dedicated & Free channel on youtube only for MBA & CAT Prep students. In this channel, you'll get very informative video lectures by IIM Alumni. Cracku Channel can be one of the must-follow channels for all MBA aspirants in India because they cover important concepts, shortcuts, formulas, tips, tricks & strategies for CAT 2022 and other exams.

Subscribers 74.4K
Location India
Contact Send email
Channel Since 2015

#5. CAT Funda

CAT Funda

About CAT Funda Channel: CAT Funda, One of the most successful channels on youtube for CAT preparation in India. In this channel, you get videos from India's top educators(Ravi Handa Si) who will be teaching you daily on this channel. CAT Funda channel covers the entire syllabus, strategy, updates, and notifications which will help you to crack the CAT exam. You do get live sessions so that you can clarify all your queries in case you have any.

Subscribers 43.3K
Location India
Channel Since 2009

#6. CATKing.in


About CATKing.in Channel: This CATKING channel would help you prepare for CAT 2022, CET 2022, BankPO, GMAT & other Preparation & Study Abroad and RRB exams. From this channel, you can see mocks, strategies & motivations for Preparation. They do have a dedicated site where they are publishing all information related to the Common Admission Test.

Subscribers 91.6K
Location India
business inquiries Send email
Channel Since 2015

#7. Gradeup: CAT Preparation

Gradeup: CAT Preparation

About Gradeup Channel: Gradeup is India’s largest exam preparation destination for CAT & Other MBA Exams. They are aiming to provide the most effective exam preparation to aspirants across India. They are offering Live Classes, topic-wise discussion updates related to job alert discussions. Also, you do get exam-related tips & tricks.

Subscribers 30.7K
Location India
Channel Since 2019

#8. Bfactory

Bfactory CAT Preparation with IIM Ahmedabad alumni

About B factory CAT Preparation with IIM Ahmedabad alumni channel: Another dedicated Channel available on youtube with millions of audience views. One of the coolest things about this channel is that they have a dedicated App. All the video lectures from IIM A alumni experts at B factory.

Subscribers 3.66K
Location India
Channel Since 2015

#9. Bodhee Prep CAT Preparation

Bodhee Prep CAT Preparation

About Channel : This Channel is dedicated to CAT preparation along with other MBA Entrance Exam.

Subscribers 20.9K
Location India
business inquiries Send email
Channel Since 2014

#10. Cat preparation-iQuanta

Cat preparation-iQuanta

About iQuanta Channel: Another great channel With over 3 Lakh aspirants from not just India, but all over the world. It is one of the single largest CAT Preparation groups on Facebook. The CAT Preparation group on Facebook has proved to be a deal maker for numerous MBA Graduates in the past. The ecosystem is such that students post questions from varied resources on the platform and anyone is free to answer.

Subscribers 17.1K
Location India
business inquiries Send email
Channel Since 2014

How to Join into youtube channel for cat preparation

Joining these best youtube channels for quantitative aptitude for CAT becomes very easy, our choosemore Team has collected some of the best channels along with channel links. All you need to do is that choose the best Channel and next to the channel description we have given a Channel link where you can directly join. so click on the link and have fun.

FAQ on YouTube Channels for CAT Exam Preparation

Q1. Which YouTube Channel Is Best For CAT Preparation?

Ans: Rodha Education YouTube Channel,Unacademy CAT & 2iim YouTube Channel are doing good , but please refer to the above mentioned best youtube channel for Common Admission Test prep 202 List for more detailed info

Q2. What Are The Best YouTube Channels For CAT Or GMAT Preparation?

Ans: Our choosemore Team collected the list of Top rated & the most engaging youtube channels for CAT Exam preparation. so please refer to the above list.

Q3. What Are The Best YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages And Telegram Channels For CAT, WAT And PI Preparation?

Ans: All the Above mentioned Channels on youtube for CAT Exam are Best in class

Q4. What Are The Best YouTube Channels For CAT Verbal Ability?

Ans: All the Above mentioned Channels on youtube for CAT Exam are Best in class.


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