Sustainable Agricultural Practices in India -Types & Methods

Sustainable Agricultural Practices india

Are you dreaming to a become a Farmer by learning advanced Agricultural practices?

Or the one who is trying to learn traditional Farming activities That are in trend space in 2021?

Or the one looking for the best online platform shares information about the list of Agricultural activities?

Are you looking for the same?

Then you are not alone! There are Thousands of Farming enthusiasts like you.

We all aware that food is the most necessary for every human being on the earth cannot survive without food.

Our ancients were lived their lives by farming necessary crops in their farmlands without depending on others for food.

But in the current digital world, none of us know how to do agriculture, though we belong to farming families.

So, we thought of recalling the best sustainable Agricultural activities used by our ancients.

Are you excited? If your answer is wasting time is not a good practice.

Then, jump into real Farming fun.

Before we proceed, our choosemore team has shared one detailed article on Farming systems in India. Also read that article, so that you will have more ideas about Agriculture.

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What are agricultural practices?

Agricultural practice is a series of activities used to crops in both traditional & modern ways of agriculture. We have listed a complete list of sustainable Farming activities below.

What is Genetic Manipulation & How is it useful in agricultural practices?

A Genetic Manipulation is a method of collecting genes of required characters from one healthy plant and injecting the same to another type of plant. This process of genetic manipulation is done by following the technique called hybridization. It helps in gaining agronomic characters in fodder crops.

Different types of agricultural practices in India

Yes, you heard right. There are different types of Farming practices available in India. Our team has listed all of them below follow them right down.

What agricultural activities cause water pollution?

Here is the List of Agricultural activity that can cause water pollution,

  • Usage of Fertilizing( Chemicals)
  • Erosion of land
  • Release of pesticides
  • Disruption of hydrologic regime
  • Sediment
  • Manure spreading
  • Pesticides
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Agricultural activities that cause air pollution

Not All types of Farming practices can cause air pollution like soil burning & spreading harmful chemicals in the air can cause air pollution. Traditional Farmers used to burn their farmlands, once done with one particular crop that may lead to air pollution.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices in India

Here is the list of different types of sustainable Indian agricultural practices. Our team has added detailed information about each Farming activity.

Soil Understanding

India has different climatic conditions & different types of Not every farmland can grow all varieties of Crops. Before cultivation, we should know which land is best for what crop and under what climatic condition solid can perform well. Make your crop decision only after understanding the soil behavior.

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Land plowing

Plowing land is a mandated process in Agriculture that can do in many ways. Old days farmers used cows & buffaloes for plowing lands. This practice continued in many places. Many commercial farmers use tractors for plowing lands because they harvest crops in Huge amounts of land.

Choosing The Right Crops for The Right Lands

Another influential area of agriculture is that choosing the right crop for the Right land. We should pay attention to crops the Right crops for the Right season. Not every crop can grow in each season, so we need to pick seasonal crops.

Not only seasons & climatic conditions also need to consider the soil type. Some of the crops may not grow in drylands; some might grow.

Soil Preparation

After deciding what to crop in farmland, we need to prepare the soil for cultivation. One of the crucial parts of cultivation requires both knowledge & Manpower to make the soil crops friendly. We need to have machinery, ploughing tractors & fertilizers to complete soil preparation.

Most of the traditional soil preparations work done by machines in modern cultivation. It involves ploughing, soil leveling, fertilizer distributions & others.

Fertilizer Distributions

Finding out the problems and distributing the Right fertilizers on time is one of the crucial areas in Farming practice. Fertilizer distribution involves gathering both natural & chemical fertilizers that best suit the lands. Again not every fertilizer works on all varieties of crops. Every crop needs different fertilizers, different soil & climatic condition.

So, we need to prepare Both Natural & chemical fertilizers according to the crop and soil.


The Most crucial part of agriculture is sowing requires knowledge on how to plant the crops in the right ways. The implementation can be done in two ways i.e by humans or machines. But most of the farmers like to sow crops by hand because they enjoy the feeling of sowing. The moment they inject crops into the land, owners get the sentiment of introducing a new baby to the world. Most of the big farm owners like to use machinery to crop because they have huge lands.

Water supply system

There is no surprise seeds can not grow without water humans too. Few crops required each day irrigation few required biweekly irrigation. It is Depends on the type of plant we need to arrange water supply. In most rural villages, irrigation is one of the most common problems.

For them, rainwater is the only irrigation system available. But for other people, many irrigation sources are available like Wells, bores, lakes & canals.

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Once crops grow for 15-20 days, we can see some unwanted crops besides crops. Weeds have to throw away in the early stage itself. They will disturb the crops, growth, and health. Weed plucking can be done by either manually picking or by using weedicides.

Most of the traditional farmers like to pluck weeds with their own hands. They gather all the plucked weeds they use for animal feeds.

Nutritions Supply

Crops have to grow healthy then only they can produce yield. It requires proper nutrition at regular intervals is compulsory. Mandate Nutritions need to supply at regular intervals called Manuring, like feeding a newly born baby with feeding items. Natural nutrients favored in this method then only crops can be able to grow healthy.

Many traditional farmers prefer natural nutrition like animal & plant waste.


Few crops can grow in many ways- such as inside, ground level, and above Ground level. Crops that grow inside the land will not require any support, but other types need.

For example, Tomato vegetable grows above ground level, can grow up to 7-10 feet. Crops like this need additional stick/rod support.

Exporting to Markets

Once vegetables are grown enough, farmers will start exporting them to markets available to them. Traditional vegetables like tomato, potato, onion & other items have to commodities immediately to the market. Because these vegetables lose their freshness in just days, we can not use them for a long time.

Storing for Future Market

Apart from vegetables, we have different crops like Grains, pulses, rice & other items. We can use them for a long time by storing them in containers. Many commercial farmers store their items in cold storage and other storage places available to them. They will sell those stored items once they see demand in the market.

FAQ on Agricultural Practices in india

Q1. What are some examples of agricultural practices?

1. Slash and Burn Method
2. Subsistence Farming
3. Market gardeners

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Q2. What are the best practices of sustainable agriculture?

Planting of cover crops
Soil enrichment
use of natural pest predators
Organic farming
Integrated pest management
Integrated Nutrient Management

Q3. Why are Indian farmers so ignorant about advanced agricultural practices?

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Q4. What is the impact of poor agricultural practices?

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Q5. What Types of agricultural practices are still labor intensive?

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