10 Best Indian Travel vloggers on YouTube 2022 : Influencers

top travel vloggers india

Are you looking for a list of top Travel vloggers from India that you can Follow?

Searching for some craziest travel channels on youtube can provide us vlogs on unexplored places?

Are you looking for the top 10 video creators related to the travel niche you can follow in 2022?

In case if you look for the same, then you are on the right page.

Yes! You heard the truth.

Hundreds of travel vloggers are available on the Youtube platform sharing tons of videos on Both must-be-seen & unexplored places.

These vloggers are very dedicated to their travel passions and living in the travel world.

They produce videos on Places that have stunning attractions, Must see in life & Unexplored places.

Most of the videos from these Tourist Content producers Start from Capturing place, Route maps, How to Reach, Food & Accommodations arrangements.

Also, They do cover drone shots, Slow motion video capturing & Subtitles for each video they produce.

Who is a Travel Vlogger?

A Travel Vlogger is a Travel enthusiast who Loves to travel to various places around the world and share his experiences. They record experiences in video Production formats and upload the same on video marketing platforms. These video content producers visit all types of places around the world to explore his life.

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Why Should We Follow Travel Video Creators?

There are many benefits we get by following Travel vloggers India.

  • Enjoy Videos For Free
  • Explore Places by sitting at Home
  • We can able to see unexplored places
  • We can Able to Plan the trips
  • We can able to Plan Transportation
  • We can able to Plan Accommodations

What makes Travel Vloggers So Special?

Travel Vloggers need to carry unique characteristics, then only they can see Success. Most of the Vloggers from Our list Got succeed due to freakish indications,

  • Cinematography
  • Clean editing
  • Storytelling
  • Timelapses
  • Stories around a location

Well, there are Thousands of Travel enthusiasts like you trying to visit places.

But not happening the way you expect- Might be thousands of reasons for that.

  • Few of the reasons like,
  • Lack of Planning
  • Lack of Guidance
  • Lack of Awareness of the Place
  • Other reasons

If that is what is stopping you from exploring places,

then you must join These Travel vloggers on youtube in 2022

It is an open fact that Youtube is an ultimate Video Marketing Platform, So Most Travel Vloggers have accounts in it.

Following Them becomes very easy & Simple on Youtube.

Our Choosemore Team handpicked The best Travel Vloggers in India only for you. We have selected These Channels based on - Subscribers, Engagements & Content.

Top 10 Indian Travel YouTubers

Here is a list of Top 10 Travel Vloggers from India who received massive attention to their video content with millions of Views. Our ChooseMore Team Added Each detail required about channels. Do follow the travel channel you like and explore the explored places in life.

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1. Kritika Goel

An Independent indian female travel vloggers on youtube. Goel Left her Professional career to live the Freedom of Life, which Shows Her Passion for Travelling around the world. This 28 Years Old Female Youtuber Started Her Channel in 2007 to Document her life experiences. From Kritika Channel, we Get stunning videos on Travel, Food, Lifestyle & Productivity.

Goel runs an online Store also, where you can buy travel items That She carries on her videos.

Subscribers 311K +
Since 2007
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2. Traveling Mondays

Say Hello to Shakti Singh Shekhawat, An independent Travel youtuber & Vlogger From india. His Vlogging Journey started In 2015 with a Motto of exploring the world. This Young Travel Storyteller Explored unseen & Must-See places in India. Videos from Travelling Mondays Channel are Fun to watch & Explore.

Subscribers 348K+
Since 2015
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3. Tourcam

TourCam, Another Independent Travel Channel Run by Niraj. A true Travel enthusiast Producing amazing videos on Travel guides in India. From this travel channel, you can Expect tons of Adventures & must-see places videos. Tourism Also has a Dedicated Playlist for each state or place they visit in India. We will get a series of videos on each area that you like to explore.

Subscribers 305K+
Since 2013
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4. Hopping Bug

One of The Creative Indian Travel youtube & Storytelling Channel in our List- Hopping Bug. Hopping Bug Strongly Believe That One of the Easiest & Simplest ways of Understanding the area is to be able to see it. Viewers enjoy videos from this channel because They are very creative & neat. They Share Travel Experiences, Travel Tips & How to plan your trips in the easiest ways. Hopping covered almost all the Famous Tourist places in India & few international places.

Subscribers 236K +
Since 2014
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5. Nomadic Indian

The Most Popular Indian Traveller on our list is Deepanshu Sangwan. An independent Youtuber, Storyteller & Travel Explorer from India. He left his Higher preparations( CAT & SSC) for traveling, Showing his Attention towards Travel. Nomadic Indian Channel Started in 2017 - Started Sharing Life experiences via videos. This channel Covers Travel videos on Indian & international must-see places. You will get travel places videos from 12 countries with a dedicated playlist for each series.

Subscribers 1.05M +
Since 2017
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6. Toll Free Traveller

Toll Free Traveller- one of the most popular solo riders on our list. This Channel is run by Rohith Ashok - Independent Travel Enthusiast, Filmmaker & Travel adventurer. Left His job as a corporate lawyer and Started his youtube channel in 2016. Toll Free Traveller Vlogger Documenting & Sharing Life experiences through Youtube channel.

Subscribers 124K +
Since 2016
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7. India In Motion

Say Hello to Another Amazing Travel life explorer on our List- India in Motion. This Channel Started in 2014 aims to share the beauty of India’s landscapes. Also, we have a dedicated playlist for each series of videos. In This Channel, you can see tons of amazing videos on Self-isolation in Ladakh to what’s life in Todnam.

Subscribers 202K +
Since 2014
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8. HN Motovlogs

One of the Most popular Telugu travel vloggers on our list- HN MotoVlogs. HN Motovlogs run by Hari an independent Southindia( Telugu) Traveller from Nellore. Channel was started in 2020 itself. In Just Span of one Year, he got massive attention for his video Content. HN Motovlogs has a unique style of Filmmaking that leads to the faster-growing Telugu video creators in 2022.

Subscribers 99.8K +
Since 2020
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9. Ankit Bhatia’s

Say Hello to one of the Best cinematographers on our List - Ankit Bhatia. We will get Amazing travel tips, how to film, what to explore & Many more. This channel started in 2013 aims to Travel the world and Film it. Do Follow this Channel in case you are interested in learning Filmmaking. Also, he covers videos related to filmmaking tutorials and reviews on camera equipment.

Subscribers 549K +
Since 2013
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10. Yatri Doctor

Last But not least, Yatri Doctor- One of the Fastest growing Travel channels on youtube. Yatri Doctor channel run by Navankur Chaudhary and started in 2017. In This channel, you will get videos related to both National & international Must see places. Do Follow this Channel for amazing travel videos.

Subscribers 761K +
Since 2017
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