Tamil Cooking YouTube Channels : 8 Channels You Can't Miss

Best Tamil Cooking YouTube Channels

Do you like cooking delicious traditional foods on your own?

Planning to Learn food making by watching tutorials on youtube in Tamil language 2022?

Looking for One of the Best Tamil Cooking channels on a youtube platform that can offer Food Making videos?

Then, You must Follow these Trending Food makers on Youtube.

Yes, you Heard the Truth.

There are Hundreds of Tamil YouTubers available in 2022- Thanks to youtube.

Most of the Tamil Food Vloggers on our list aim to Provide cooking Traditional, National & International Foods in just simple ways.

One can readily learn to cook any food in just minutes by simply following videos.

Cool Right?

Wasting a single minute is not an ideal option.

Join today into these Top rated Channels on youtube From Tamilnadu State and start your cooking Journey in 2022

There are many channels available on youtube with cooking tutorials in the Tamil language.

Our ChooseMore Team Collected top 10 Tamil Food influencers on Youtube List.

List based on Many Factors, Such as
  • Making Style
  • Number of Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • User Engagements

Top 8 Tamil Cooking Influencers 2022

Here is a list of Top Rated 10 Cooking Youtubers in 2022 who got massive attention to their video content with Millions of Subscribers. Not Just only subscribers loaded with amazing Videos with millions of videos views counts.

#1. Village Cooking Channel

Village Cooking Channel

The most prevalent cooking Indian channels aim to provide detailed info on how to make any traditional recipes. The village cooking channel was stream by an assortment of village people under the guidance of Grandpa. All the cooking videos in the Tamil language with English subtitles. In recent times Rahul Gandhi also visited their place to endure the food.

One of the most lukewarm things about this conduit is that they do not use any packet masalas. You heard true that masala spices are required prepare naturally at the same time. The food they make is shared with poor people & old age people.

Channel Name village cooking channel
Since 2018
Subscribers 11.1+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 2,467,490,610
Language Tamil

#2. Village food factory

Village food factory

Say Hello to Another Top Rated Cooking Channel with Massive Subscribers Base. in this conduit, you will get amazing videos on Indian Street foods, Village foods, Travel foods, Hotel foods. They have a massive collection of a variety of traditional foods. Not only they cover international foods, street foods & other items.

Channel Name Village food factory
Since 2015
Subscribers 4.53+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 887,137,528
Language Tamil

#3. Madras Samayal

Madras Samayal

Madras Samayal is one of the best channels loaded with traditional and modern recipes. All of the recipes have simplified to suit the Traditional cooking style while still retaining the Traditional taste of Tamil Nadu Cuisine. Do follow this channel in case if you are living a bachelor's life.

Channel Name Madras Samayal
Since 2015
Subscribers 4.64+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 974,347,428
Language Tamil

#4. Indian Recipes Tamil

Indian Recipes Tamil

Say Hello to Another Cooking content creator on our list -Abi. Started aims to present my passion for making different variety recipes and trying new things in food making paved the way for the birth of the Indian Recipes Tamil youtube channel. All The videos available on this Tamil cooking channel are based on different cuisines in a simplified and crafted to help audiences like recently married young ladies, housewives & bachelors. The videos include lots of Tips and detailed explanations which makes it easier for new learners.

Channel Name Indian Recipes Tamil
Since 2017
Subscribers 2.52+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 301,145,306
Language Tamil

#5. Venkatesh Bhat’s

Venkatesh Bhat’s Idhayam Thotta Samayal

Say Hello to Chef Venkatesh Bhat, One of the best Tamil content creators on our list with stunning videos on food making. He prays to the Almighty that this is used wisely and makes it useful to a lot of people looking to learn cooking. In This Channel, he will showcase food from various regions and countries. Enjoy the show which will have my experiences, short stories, and cooking tips that have been handed over to me for generations.

Channel Name Venkatesh Bhat's Idhayam Thotta Samayal
Since 2020
Subscribers 2.3+ Millions
Views 187,627,426
Language Tamil

#6. Sherin Kitchen

Sherin Kitchen

Sherin, a Passionate food lover makes videos on tasty, Simple Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian, and Healthy Cooking Recipes. This Channel Run by Shereen's started in 2017 and She is From Coimbatore. All the recipes are explained and well made, so you can learn cooking easily.

Channel Name Sherin's Kitchen
Since 2017
Subscribers 2.17+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 290,464,857
Language Tamil

#7. My Country Foods

My Country Foods

Say Hello to Another Tamil Food Vlogger in our list with amazing video Content. This Channel is run by an independent Content creator Anandi From Kezhuvathur village near Mannargudi in the Thiruvarur district. She learned all the recipes From her mother. Videos on village cuisine, village dishes, and desserts in just Simple steps.

Channel Name My Country Foods
Since 2017
Subscribers 1.69+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 347,256,632
Language Tamil

#8. Kavitha Samayalarai

Kavitha Samayalarai

Say Hello to Another Female Food Vlogger on our list Kavitha, An independent Tamil Food content creator. From This Channel, you will get cooking videos on Authentic, traditional Indian recipes (veg & nonveg). Content includes health care tips, home organizing ideas. Tips for easy cooking, home organizing.

Channel Name Kavitha Samayalarai
Since 2017
Subscribers 1.16+ Millions
Business Inquiries Send email
Views 179,711,391
Language Tamil


Our Choose collected the best-rated Tamil Food vloggers, incase if you feel any other Food vloggers Doing great please add them in the Comment section below.

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