Top 300+ SEO Interview Questions & Answers in 2022

SEO Interview Questions 2022

Are you in Search of Top Rated SEO Interview Questions 2022, that can help you to crack interviews.

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Our Choosemore Team Has collected some of the top rated SEO Interview Questions for Beginners to advanced level.

SEO Interview Questions for

  • Freshers
  • SEO Enthusiasts
  • 2-5 Experience Candidates
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SEO Interview Questions & Answers

Here is the list of Top rated SEO Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 you must learn along with Examples for Each Questions.

What is SEO & why it is Important?

SEO Stands for Search engine Optimization, it is the Process of improving Website Position and visibility Over Organic Search Engine Results. SEO helps your website rank in Top search results and gain more visibility online.

Best Practice: The Higher Ranking you get, the more business you can generate.

Name a few search engines in 2022

There are many search engines available on the internet , Here is the list of the most used Searches

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Ask me

Who are the founders of Google?

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 at Stanford University, California.

What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

SEO Refers to organic and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to raid results in SERP. Results with Bold “AD” mentioned are SEM and rest are Organic Results.

What is a Website?

A Website is an Online Platform and it is a collection of World Wide Web pages Containing hyperlinks to each Pages. A website helps businesses to showcase the Products or services they provide to the customers online.

Best Practice: User-Friendly Website can get More attention & Higher Rank

What is Domain in SEO? How to Choose the Right Domain?

A Domain is the name of your website that you wanted to create for your business/brand.

Example: Domain name is choosemore)

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that provides storage space for your web files & allows you to publish your website files onto the internet.

Example: Godaddy,Hostinger

What is the front end of a website?

Front end is the front page of a website where the user generally interacts with. Meaning that it is an online space where you can see images, colors, videos, icons, Text and More in any webpages.

What is backend of a website?

A Backend is the Backside of the website where web developers build frontend applications. It is the online space which deals with server-side portions of the website.

What is an SSL certificate? Why is it Important in SEO?

SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a digital certificate that enables an encrypted(Secured connection to web pages. Sites that use SSL tell their visitors they are using secured connections, so no one can steal user information from the site.

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What is HTTPS?

HTTPS Stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, it is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol i.e HTTP. It enables encryption while sending data between a web server and a web browser.

What is HTTP?

HTTP Stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and it is the Source of any data exchange on the Web.

What is a CMS?

CMS Stands for a content management system, It is an Online Platform that helps Business Owners to create, manage, and modify content on a website.

Examples of the most widely used CMS platforms

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento (e-commerce)
  • Shopify (e-commerce)
  • blogger (Blogging)

What is Domain Extensions?

A Domain Extension is a suffix that follows the domain name in a web address. There are a variety of Domain Extensions available such as ".com, .net, .org, .in..etc". Always choose your domain name as per your business needs( how you want to target your audience.)

Example: .com, .net, .org, .in

What is TLD?

TLD Stands for Top-level domain refers to the last segment of a Website Address which will appear at the end of your domain name. Example: .com, .org, .net..etc

Example: .com, .net, .org, .in

What is CCTLD in SEO

ccTLD Stands for country code top-level domain is a top-level domain name that is used to define the domain based on country. ccTLD approach is more beneficial for brands that want to cover specific geography.


  • Business Geography is India->
  • Business Geography is UK->
  • Business Geography is US->

What is a landing page?

A landing page is one web page on a website that your user lands on when he clicks on a particular link.

What is SERP?

SERPs are Search Engine Result Page, i.e., the web page that comes up as a result of any search query you enter in Search engines.

How Many Types Of SEO?

There are 2 types of SEO such as

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing Web pages to rank higher in Search Results. All the optimization methods will be applied within the site(inside).

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to Optimizations Practices taken outside of your website to Rank Higher over search engine results pages.

What are Methods in SEO?

There are 2 types of SEO such as

  • White hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
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What is Whitehat SEO?

White hat SEO is a set of Practices used to rank higher in Search Results by Following Guidelines set by search engines. There are a variety of Guidelines available for each ranking factor item, so follow them carefully.

What is Blackhat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a set of Practices used to rank higher in Search Results by Following Guidelines set by search engines.

List of Blackhat SEO Techniques?

  • Hidden text
  • Clocking
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Doorway Pages
  • SPAM Backlinks Purchase

Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

Blackhat WhiteHat
Not Following Google Guidlines Following Google Guidlines
Bad quality of the web pages Good quality of the web pages
Short Terms Results Long Term Results

What is Hidden Text?

Hidden text(Invisible text) Refers to the concept of hiding textual content using coding, only search engines can read this text but your audience. It is also called Invisible or fake text.

What is Clocking?

Cloaking refers to a technique presenting your web page content to the search engine spider differently and for users' different content. Meaning that different content is for different purposes, the purpose of content is to impress Search engines, not users.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing refers to adding more keywords to your web pages. For any web page, we can maintain a keyword density of (2-4%). More than keyword density keywords can be considered as the Blackhat SEO technique.

What are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords play a very crucial role in SEO, Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into search engines to find what information they are looking for.

What are the Types of Keywords on SEO?

There are 2 Types of Keywords in SEO Such as

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Short Tail Keywords

What is Short Tail Keyword

Short tail keywords Refer to search keywords with a word limit of less than 3 or Equal to 3(3-word combinations or less than 3)


  • Digital Marketing= 2 words
  • SEO= 1 word
  • Digital Marketing Company= 3 Words

What are long-tail keywords in SEO?

A long-tail keyword refers to a Keyword that is generally made from more than three words Combinations.


  • Digital Marketing company in Bangalore= 5 words
  • Digital Marketing agency Bangalore= 4 words

What is Google Autocomplete?

Google Autocomplete is one of the functions available to Google Search algorithm which suggest similar keywords for the query that the user entered in the Search bar.

What is EMD?

EMD stands for the exact match domain and is a domain name that includes the search keywords.


A keyword is “ Digital marketing agency” and your Domain is, which Means what keyword you wanted to rank for you can create a website with the same keyword.


  • Keyword is Digital marketing agency
  • Domain Name:

What is RSS Feed

RSS Stands for Really Simple Syndication is one of the web feed format that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format.

What are Meta Tags? Types of Meta Tags in SEO?

Meta Tag is an HTML Attributes, there are 4 Meta Tags in SEO such as

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keyword
  • Meta Robot Tag

What is Meta Title in SEO?

Meta Title Also known as title tag, Refers to the text that is displayed on search engine result pages. It is also called a Title for each webpage that is available on your Website.

Guidelines to follow for Meta Title
  • Action Keyword +Focus Keyword + Service/Product+ Location+ Brand Name
  • Character limit= 50-70 characters
  • Focus Keyword must be in the Beginning
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What is Meta Description

A meta description is a summary of the content on your landing page that displays in Search engine results.

Guidelines to Follow
  • Character limit is 150-170 Characters
  • Focus Keyword must be added
  • Action Keywords must be Added

What are Meta Keywords?

Meta Keywords are a specific type of meta tag that appear in the HTML code of a Web page and help tell search engines what keywords you aim to rank for.

Best Practice: Meta Keyword is one of the Least important areas in SEO, try avoiding placing your Keywords in it.

What is meta robots tag?

The meta robots tag is an HTML tag that tells search engines what information available on your webpage to follow and what not to follow. We need to pass meta robots commands to search engines on the Head Section of Webpage.

Commands we can pass to Search Engines in Meta Tags
  • name="robots" content="follow, index"
  • name="robots" content="no-follow, index"
  • name="robots" content="follow, no-index"
  • name="robots" content="no-follow, no-index"

What is URL optimization in SEO?

Is a practice of Optimizing your web page URL with Search Engine Standards

Such as
  • Placing your Focus keyword in it
  • 100 Character limit usage
  • Same URL Extension across all URL
  • Words separation with hyphens
  • Numbers in URL not allowed

Example: Focus keyword is Digital Marketing


What are Headings?

Your header tags provide structure for your web pages, in SEO we have a Total of 6 Headings available

Such as
  • H1 Tag
  • H2 Tag
  • H3 Tag
  • H4 Tag
  • H5 Tag
  • H6 Tag
Best Practices
  • Place your Primary Keyword in H1 Tag
  • Secondary Focus Keyword in H2
  • and Respectively

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the process of Optimizing images to increase user engagement over Search engines & on the web pages.

Best Practices for Images
  • Image Size should not exceed 100kb
  • An image Filename with Focus Keywords
  • Image Alt Tags with Keywords
  • Image Title Tag with Keywords
  • Image Captions with Secondary Keywords
  • Add image structured data
  • Image Sitemap Creation
  • Image GEO Tagging

What are alt tags in SEO?

Alt tags refer to an alternate name for an image, providing context to what an image is about to display.

Best Practice: Place your Focus Keyword in image Alt tags which you want to rank Top position.

What is the image title?

An image title is a piece of text that describes an image.

Best Practice: Place your Secondary Focus Keyword in image Title tags which you want to rank Top position.

What are Image Description tags?

An Image Description is a detailed explanation of an image that provides textual access to visual content.

Best Practice: Place your LSI Keywords in image description tags which you want to rank Top position.

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How does Google Works for SEO?

  • Crawling- Reading your website information with the help of Software called spider/Google bot
  • Indexing- Storing your website info in Database (Sandbox)
  • Processing- Based on user query in search Finding relevant site
  • Retrieving- Presenting relevant sites to the user query

What are Web Spiders, crawlers, and robots?

Web crawlers are automated software programs From Search engines that crawl across the Web and index all the content on it.

What is Google Algorithm?

Google algorithm is a software system designed to find relevant search results to user queries with Commands,rules and codes.

What is a Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an imaginary area where all the newly requested sites for indexing to search engines are placed. Also known as an observation area about how new sites behave when they request indexing in search results.

What are Canonical Tags?

A canonical tag is an HTML element that helps Search engines to prevent duplicate content issues in search engine optimization by specifying the Duplicate or original version of a web page.

What is a sitemap and How many Types are There?

A sitemap Describes your website Architecture & also a combination of web pages related to one website.

There are 2 Types of Sites Maps available
  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap

What is XML Sitemap in SEO?

XML Sitemap works as a medium between website and Search Engines, it informs search engines how many pages a website carries in the format of XML language.


What is HTML Sitemap?

An HTML sitemap works as a medium between user and website. it informs users how many pages a website carries in the format of HTML language.


What is the Do-follow link?

A do-follow link is an instruction to the Search engine that it can follow the site information. Meaning that we are passing a command to Search engines to follow our site content and process the information. Acquiring do-follow backlinks will help improve your website ranking & Authority.

Example: name="robots" content="follow, index"

what is to follow in SEO?

A No-follow link is an instruction to Search engines that they can not follow the site information. Meaning that we are passing a command to Search engines not to follow our site content and process the information.

Example: name="robots" content="no-follow, index"

What is the Do index?

A do index is an instruction to Search engines that it can index your site information in search results. Meaning that we are passing a command to Search engines to index your site in search results.

Example: name="robots" content="follow, index"

What is a No index?

A no index is an instruction to Search engines that it cannot index your site information in search results. Meaning that we are passing a command to Search engines not to index your site in search results.

Example: name="robots" content="follow, no-index"

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority, also known as DA by Many experts, is an SEO ranking score developed by a tool called Moz. DA says how well you are maintaining your site since it is created.

Factors involved in DA
  • Domain Age
  • Content used in web pages
  • Content freshness
  • Content with Current Trend
  • Type of Backlinks you are acquiring
Tool Name
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What is Page authority in SEO?

Page Authority, also known as PA by Many experts, is an SEO ranking score developed by a tool called Moz. DA says how well you are maintaining your Web Page since it is created.

Factors involved in PA
  • Webpage Age
  • Content used in web pages
  • Content freshness
  • Content with Current Trend
  • Type of Backlinks you are acquiring
Tool Name

What is a Spam Score?

SPAM Score is one of the SEO Metric developed by MOZ, it helps to understand how spammy a website is and how trustworthy a website is.

A tool used to Measure DA:

What is hyperLinking?

A hyperlink is an HTML element that links one webpage to another Landing Page altogether. Hyperlinks are usually colored purple or blue and are sometimes underlined.

Types of Hyperlinks Available in SEO?

There are 2 Types of Hyperlinks Available in SEO such as

  • Internal Link
  • External Link

What is Internal Linking?

An internal link is Link That Passes from one landing page to another landing page on your website. Both your users and search engines use links to find content on your website. Your users use links to navigate through your site and to find the content they want to find.

What is External Linking?

An External link is a Link that passes from one landing page to another landing page of different websites. Both your users and search engines use links to find content on your website.

What is cross linking?

Cross linking is the Practice of linking one Webpage on the Internet to another another webpage in Different Website.

What is Redirection? How many types of Redirections are Available?

A redirect is a Practice of sending both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested.

There are 2 Types of Redirections available
  • 301 Redirection
  • 302 Redirection

What is 301 redirection?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirection where we are sending our users from one Broken URL to a Newly created URL/Existing relevant URL Permanently.

What is 302 redirection?

A 302 redirect is a Temporary redirection Practice where we are sending our users from one Broken URL to a Newly created URL/Existing relevant URL Temporarily.

What is a 404 error in SEO?

A 404 is an HTML error and it is a standard response code indicating that the webpage that is attempting to be accessed has been moved or deleted.

What is robots.txt in SEO?

Robots. txt is a Text File that Passes information to search engine crawlers on which URL is Allowed for search engines and which is not. Using robots.txt file we can restrict search engines what information has to come in search engines and what is not.

What are OG tags?

Open Graph is the meta tags used to communicate a page content with social media (such as Facebook and Twitter). Meaning that we can design different Titles, Descriptions & Image Banners separately for Social media using OG tags.

What is Anchor Text in SEO?

Anchor text is a clickable text that comes under hyperlinking, whichever keyword we want to place inside an internal/external link we can place with the help of Anchor Text. It usually appears as blue underlined text.

What is the keyword Density?

Keyword density describes how many times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. KD is used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

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How to check Keyword Density?

Keyword density can be calculated by using a formula

KD= (Number of times keyword used/ Total word count)*100

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is also called structured data in SEO. It is the language of search engines used to more clearly provide information to search engines to understand your content. Apart from our regular search information such as Title, description & URL, we can able to display additional information about your site

The tool used:

What is a Rich Answer Box or Rich Snippet?

A rich answer, a special search results feature available with an answer for the question asked to search engines. Meaning that instead of showing regular search results info such as URL, Title & Description it will display answers directly.

What is keyword stemming?

Keyword stemming is the Practice of finding root keywords or new keywords related to your Focus keywords.

What is keyword frequency in SEO?

keyword frequency refers to the total number of times the same keywords are repeated on a page.

Best Practice: Never Repeat your SEO Keywords in the one Paragraph

What is Meant by LSI Keywords?

LSI Refers to Latent Semantic Indexing, These are the Suggestion Keywords or the similar or related to a web page's target keyword. Search engines will display LSI Keywords at the bottom of Each search query you enter.

What is Hreflang?

Hreflang tags are HTML Attributes, it inform search engines about the relationship between international versions of a landing page. Meaning that we can inform search engines what language audience you have most priority.

What is Page Speed Mobile?

Page Speed Mobile indicates how Fast a landing page is loading when a customer is accessing your site with Mobile as a Device.

The tool used:

What is Page Speed Desktop?

Page Speed Desktop indicates how Fast a landing page is loading when a customer is accessing your site with Desktop as a Device.

The tool

What is a Rich Answer Box?

Offered by Google, Rich Answer Box gives users direct and precise answers to their search queries. The answer will be given in a box at the top of a SERP.

What is NAP?

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number. Using the NAP Practice, you can rank higher in Local SEO Results.

What are Free Tools used in SEO

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Search console
  • Google My Business
  • Google Merchant center
  • Google Trends
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What are Paid Tools used in SEO?

  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Screaming Frog
  • Ahref
  • Majestic

SEO Off Page Interview Questions for Beginners

Here is the list of top rated Off page Advanced SEO interview questions for freshers in 2021

What is SEO Off Page?

SEO Off Page refers to a list of SEO practices we do outside of our website to outrank your competitor in Search Results Page.

What are Link Building strategies?

Link Building strategy refers to a list of SEO Off Page methods we develop to rank any specific keyword in Top position over SERP.

What is Backlink in SEO? Why is it Important?

Backlinks also known as incoming links to your website from another website. More high quality Backlinks can result in high Keyword position in SERP.

Acquiring High DA & Quality Backlinks( Referring sites) can improve your website authority, reputation and Keyword ranking in SERP

Types of SEO Off Page Methods?

There are a variety of SEO Off Page methods available in the current digital marketing space. Each individual SEO Expert has their own Backlink methods when it comes to increasing keyword position over SERP.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest blogging
  • Article Sharing
  • Outreach Niche Bloggers
  • Forum Submissions
  • Business Directories
  • Classifieds submissions
  • PPT Submissions
  • PDF Submissions..etc

What is Social bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking is an online storage service by many providers that allows users to Store web page information ,edit and share. Social bookmarking is one of the most widely used SEO Off Page Practice when it comes to increasing keyword position in SERP.

Our chooseMore Team has listed some of the Top rated Social bookmarking sites available on the internet, try use them you will definitely like it.

What is Guest blogging in SEO?

Guest blogging also known as guest posting in SEO, is the practice of writing content for another company's website. Meaning that we write content for third party sites about your service/Product information as a guest author.

Our chooseMore Team has listed some of the instant approval guest blogging sites in 2022 sites available on the internet, try using them you will definitely like it.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission refers to the practice of writing content for trending article websites about your service/Product information by creating an publisher account.

What is Niche blogger outreach?

Niche Blogger outreach is the practice of reaching out to your Niche related bloggers available on the internet and pitching them for writing articles/blogs about your products. This method is very similar to social media influencers reachout.

What is Forum submission?

Forum submission is one of the most widely used SEO Off page methods in Digital marketing. It is the practice of Submitting your answers, Comments and Feedbacks on major online Forums.


What is Business Directories/Directory submission?

It involves submission of your site to a specific category of a web directory.

What is Classified submission?

Classified Submission is the art of promoting our brands, products, and services in major classified sites. Meaning that we need to list our detailed information about your brand in third party sites.

What is PPT/PDF Submission?

PPT/PDF Submission is the art of promoting our brands, products, and services in major PPT/PDF sites in the format of PPT/PDF. Meaning that we need to list our detailed information about your brand in third party sites.

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Advanced SEO Interview Questions for Experienced candidates

Are you an experienced Search engine optimization professional with 1-2 Years Experience in this Domain. Looking forward to switching your role/Company in 2022, Then you are not alone.

There are thousands of SEO Aspirants like you looking forward to changing their roles. So our choosemore Team has Decided to provide a list of Top rated & must learn Questions as experienced candidates.

Each question and answer we have listed below have been asked to many SEO professionals during their huddles. So please go through the list and plan your next job hunt.

Your Roles & Responsibilities as a SEO?

As a SEO Professionals, most of the candidates deal with the following

  • On Page Optimization
  • Building Backlinks
  • KPI monitoring & Strategy Preparation
  • Reporting using Analytics, Search console
  • Monitoring Site Performance
  • Keyword Strategy & Implementation
  • Working with Content Team for SEO content Needs
  • Working with Developers to Fix site issues/updates.

What are the Tools do you use on daily basis

According to many industry Professionals

  • Analytics : For user data & Traffic Details
  • Search console: Site performance in Search & Backlinks
  • SEMrush: Site auditing & Analysis
  • Keyword Planner: Keyword Research
  • Google my business: Local SEO
  • Merchant center: Shopping site
  • CMS: Content updation

What is Keyword Research? How do you Perform it?

Keyword Research means finding the right keywords that best suit our business. There are a variety of tools available on the market. We can use any of them as per our usage & convenience. Most of the SEO professionals follow Google Keyword planner tool for Finding the Right Keywords.

Keywords can be picked up based on the Below Parameters

  • High Volume with Low Competition
  • Long Tail Keywords with High Intent
  • High intent + Low volume
  • Location Keywords with Focus keywords..etc

How do you Optimize Meta titles that can result in Top Ranking?

Meta Title Best practices,

  • Action Keyword at the beginning
  • Focus Keyword Next to Action keyword
  • Character length less that 55
  • Location if Required
  • Brand name at the End of the Title( Branding)

Example of Meta title for Digital Marketing agency from Bangalore
Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore- Choosemore
Example of Meta title for E-commerce company selling Rice online
Buy Basmati Biryani Rice online- Upto 50% off at Choosemore

How to Optimize Meta Descriptions that can result in Top Ranking?

Meta Descriptions help users to understand the brief overview about the page before they landed in. It should always be sweet and short.

  • Meta Descriptions best Practices
  • Focus keyword must be added
  • Action keyword must be added
  • Keep it in between 150-160 character
  • Convey your customers what your page is all about in short

Are Meta Keywords worth using in 2022?

Meta Keywords are no longer used in SEO, Google officials said that Meta Keyword is not a ranking factor for them. It can be considered as one of the least important areas in optimization.

How do you Optimize Images in 2022?

Images play a vital role in optimization, it can slow down our site performance also if we don’t optimize them.

Best practices for Images

  • Keywords in Alt, Filename, Title & Description tag
  • File size should be less than 100Kb
  • Image GEO Tagging with Locations
  • Sitemaps for Images
  • Building Backlinks on Image submission sites

What is the Importance of internal linking?

Internal linking can increase our keyword ranking & Link juice. Using internal links we are able to target our keywords in Anchor text, the more clicks a keyword gets the more Keyword performance in Search results.

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How to generate Sitemap in SEO?

Sitemaps can be generate in 2 possible ways

Possibility 1: Using the search console, inside the tool itself we are able to create a sitemap file for our site by navigating to the sitemap tab under index.

Possibility 2: Third party tools - using tools we are able to create and upload sitemap files to our site.



How do you do content Optimization?

Content optimization can be done by following methods

  • Maintaining Keyword density i.e 2-4%
  • Maintaining a Min content length 300 words
  • Placing the Right CTA buttons with Action words
  • Internal links with SEO keywords
  • External links with Well know Sites
  • Adding FAQ’s at the Bottom of pages
  • Heading Tags architecture
  • Uploading the relevant images of the content

How do you optimize website Speed?

Site speed can be optimized in following ways

  • Removing unused Programing files
  • Compressing images to low sizes
  • Serve images in next-gen formats
  • Reduce initial server response time
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Defer offscreen images
  • Efficiently encode images
  • …more

What are plugins ? Explain SEO Yoast plugin?

A plug-in in a website is software that adds new features or extends functionality on an existing application. Yoast SEO is one of the most used Plugin for Wordpress CMS platform. Using the yoast plugin we are able to optimize our site in simple steps.

How to increase Domain Authority?

Domain authority can be increased by using the following Techniques

  • Fixing the Site Technical issues
  • Fixing Content issues
  • Updating your site content with latest trends
  • Blog post - a min 2 post a week
  • Building high quality Backlinks..etc

How to Decrease SPAM Score?

Spam Score can be reduced by following Techniques

  • Finding SPAM Backlinks to your site
  • Reaching those backlink owners to remove them
  • Block them using Disavow Tool in Search console
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What is Disavow Tool & What are the Benefits of using it?

Disavow is a Special Feature available in Search console tool which is designed to block spam Backlink that are pointing to your site. Using this tool we are able to increase our site authority & Decrease SPAM score.

What is CTR? How to increase CTR?

CTR Stands for Click through rate, meaning that it tells what is the clicking rate when a user sees your site in search engines.

  • CTR Best practices
  • Add Action Keywords in Title
  • Add offer details in title
  • Write attractive titles
  • Pick the best keyword that are having best CTR and include them in content
  • Improve URL structure
  • Action keywords to meta descriptions.
  • Make use of rich snippets and structured data
  • Add Schema markups(Rating schema)

What is Schema Markup? And Explain about it

Schema markup is a microdata that you can add to your HTML to improve your Search engine Results. Using this Schema markup we can able to add the following details to your search results

  • Star Ratings
  • SReviews
  • SPrice
  • SCurrency
  • SAvailability
  • SFAQ info
  • SEvents info…etc

What is Site Audit in SEO? How do you perform it?

Site Audit is the process of analyzing our site performance , where we are doing great, how our site performs for Keywords, Traffic sources, Technical Audit, Content analysis & other elements.

Tools for Site Audit:

  • SEMrush(Paid)
  • Ahref(Paid)
  • Moz(Paid)
  • Screaming Frog(Paid)...etc.

What is competitor analysis in SEO?

A competitor analysis referred to the process of identifying competitors in your industry and researching their different marketing strategies. Meaning that we need to identify the list of top 10 competitors for our Focus keywords and need to analyze their SEO marketing strategies.

Tools for Site Audit:

  • SEMrush(Paid)
  • Ahref(Paid)
  • Moz(Paid)
  • Screaming Frog(Paid)...etc.

What is Technical SEO? How do you perform it?

Technical audit is the Process of identifying the list of Technical issues such as Page Speed, Crawling, indexing, pages Responses,frames, Sitemaps, robots.txt & other elements. We need to sit with our developer and inform him/her about the list of all issues our site is currently facing and the importance of Fixing them.

What are KPIs in SEO? How do you Measure your KPIs?

KPI Stands for Key Performance indicators, refers to values to measure the performance of a website. Meaning that in terms of SEO where we are performing well, where are not.

KPIs for SEO

  • Keyword position
  • Organic Traffic numbers
  • Bounce rate
  • Goal conversion rate
  • Backlinks
  • CTR, Clicks & Impressions
  • SEO Score…etc

How do you update your SEO Skill?

There are multiple SEO Knowledge sources available in the market. As a Experienced professional we need to closely observe the list of all updates that google officially releases each day/week/month.

We can follow
  • Official pages of Google
  • Follow industry leaders who are sharing info about SEO trends
  • Follow SEO forums for Advanced Tactics

What is the Difference between Do-follow and no-follow?

Do-follow command passes information to Search engines to follow the content available on the page and no-follow instructions restrict search engines not to follow any content on web pages.

What are contextual Backlinks in SEO?

Contextual backlinks are the incoming links to your site that are generated through content. Meaning that we need to write content in that content we need to add our keyword and hyperlink to your respected landing pages.

Which Backlinks are More Prefered?

According to many Certified experts Text Backlinks with do-follow & UGC Backlinks are more preferred. There is a Higher possibility of increasing your keyword position with these Backlinks.

What are AMP Pages in SEO?

AMP Stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, it is one of the Google-back projects which push Pages load quickly on mobile devices.

Tool for AMP Checker:

What are some common SEO mistakes to avoid?

There are many SEO mistakes we can avoid, few of them are listed below.

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Building Low quality Backlinks
  • Poor Loading speed
  • Poor user experience
  • Low CTR…etc
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What is Google algorithm update in SEO?

A Google algorithm update is the changes made to Google's search engine in order to improve the quality, relevance, and overall user experience.

Name Few of Google Algorithms in SEO

There are multiple algorithms released till date, Here is the list of top rated & Impacted SEO algorithms that you need to pay attention to.

Google Panda update : Google Panda is one of the Core Algorithm updates launched in February 2011. The main objective of this update is to eliminate Sites that are using black hat SEO tactics and webspam Techniques.

Google Penguin Update : It is one of the Core updates launched in 2012 aims to punish sites that are performing webspam and manipulative link building tactics.

Google Pigeon update : Another Core update released on July 24, 2014 aimed to increase the ranking of local listings in a search.

Google Pirate update : Pirate update launched in August 2012 amined to prevent sites with copyright infringement complaints.

Google Hummingbird : Hummingbird core update launched in 2013 aimes to emphasis on natural language queries, considering context and meaning over individual keywords.

Google BERT update: BERT Stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers aimed to improve Language understanding, particularly for more natural language/conversational queries.


Cracking SEO interview as a Fresher or as a experienced candidate is easy only if we learn the important concepts that interviwers ask. Our Team has listed each and every question that any interviewer ask during the Huddle. kindly prepare as per your experience level. All the Best for your Job Hunt


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