Top 100+ Social Media Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

Social media, One of the Fastest emerging areas in the Digital Marketing field. Due to the massive Digital Media and Social media usage growth most of the companies started digital transformation.

As a Result many job vacancies have been created in the Social media marketing Field. Most of the Companies are now hiring social media Marketing specialists who are well versed with all the marketing Strategies that can help to boost Business success over social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & More.

Getting a job into Companies as a Social Media Marketing Specialist isn’t easy at all. We need to equip ourselves with current trends, influencers ideas, content ideas, Business tools & Much more.


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Best Social Media Interview Questions for 2022

Here is the List of Top rated & Must know interview Questions Related Social media optimization and Marketing in 2022. Try learning each and every question and answer to crack your next round of interview.

What is Social Media Marketing in 2022?

Social media marketing also known as SMM in Digital Marketing. It is one of the Marketing approaches for Brands to engage with customers, Promote products, Promote services and increase business.

Name some of the Social Media Networks

There are a variety of social media network platforms available in the current digital era. Few of the social media networks that most of the business integrated are,

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest…etc

What is a Campaign in Social Media?

A campaign in Social media/Digital Marketing is the Process of executing Marketing strategies that can drive user engagements, Conversions, Revenue, Traffic to website & More. There are multiple campaign types available in SMM depending on the Business Goals we are able to design our Campaigns on social media.

What is PPC?

PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, it is one of the advertising Marketing techniques where advertisers pay fees to the marketing platform whenever a user clicks on the Ad. Meaning that each time when a customer clicks on the ad some amount will be deducted from advertiser ad accounts.

What is an impression?

An Impression is one of the KPI in SMM that shows the number of views your ad received from your targeted audience. Meaning that each time a user sees your ad on social media networks it counts as an Impression.

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click through rate, it refers to the rate at which after watching your ad many people are clicking on it. It is one of the Important Key Performance indicators(KPI) to consider when it comes to measuring your Campaign Performance. CTR can be calculated by the number of clicks divided by total impressions we have received.

What is CPM?

CPM Stands for Cost per Mile, it is one of the Bidding models available on the advertising networks where advertisers pay for one thousand views or impressions of an advertisement.

What is an Adsmanager?

Ads Manager is an online Tool from Facebook that enables Advertisers to create and manage your ads. Advertisers are able to Create New campaigns, Edit existing campaigns, View Performance of each campaign launched & More.

What is a Brand Awareness Campaign?

A Brand awareness campaign is one of the campaign objectives available on Ad networks that aim to increase Brand Awareness about Brand products, services & others. This is one of the most widely used Campaign objectives when they launch new products or services to the market.

What is the Reach Campaign Objective?

It is one Campaign object available on Major Ad networks that aims to maximize the number of people who see your ads and how often they see them.

What is the Website Traffic Campaign Objective?

Website Traffic Campaign Objective aims to deliver a maximum number of users to your website/ blog. Meaning that Campaigns created with the Traffic objective help you increase traffic to an online destination of your choice. You can choose to send people to a destination such as your shop, website or app.

What App installs Campaign Objective?

App install Campaign Objective aims to Optimize your ads to get more app installs volume. Meaning that we are able to get more installs that are available on Either play store or App store.

What is the Video View Campaign Objective?

Video Views Campaign objective Aims to deliver As much as possible video views. Meaning that it optimises our videos to get the most plays as possible from our targeted audience.

What is the Lead Generation Campaign Objective?

Lead generation campaign Objective aims to increase the Leads volume to a higher extent. Meaning that this campaign objective optimize our ads to Generate higher Leads( Customers to Business) to those who are interested in. A Lead is the most important goal that business wants to achience, so this is one of the most widely used campaign Objectives in Marketing.

What is the Message Campaign Objective?

Message Campaign objective aims to deliver conversations to your Brands. Meaning that it Optimize our ads to Generate leads, Increase transactions, Reach and connect with people, Answer questions Offer support & More.

What are Special Ad Categories on Facebook?

Special Ad Category is one of the Ad targeting features available in Facebook ads manager that aim to divide the business special categories i.e Credit, Employment, Housing, Social Issues, Elections or Politics.

What is the Buying type?

Buying type is one of the campaign level optimization techniques That helps advertisers to pay for and target ads in your campaigns: through dynamic auction bidding, fixed-price bidding or reach and frequency buying.

What is an Auction?

Auction campaigns are one of the buying types available on Facebook ads network. The way they work is that if you want to advertise to 100 people and someone else wants to advertise to the same 100 people, then whoever gets to advertise to them is the one who pays more.

What is the Campaign spending limit?

A Campaign Spending limit is the Total Amount spend limit of Each individual Ad Campaign on your ad network. We are able to adjust the amount to whatever extent we want during our Campaign.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is one of the Advertising techniques to maximize ROI experiment with different campaign elements to find out what works best. Using A/B Testing we are able to change variables, such as your ad creative, audience or placement in our campaigns.

What is Campaign Budget Optimization?

Campaign budget optimisation also known as CBO, it is Refers to automatically managing our campaign budgets across all ad sets to obtain Maximum ROI.

What is an Adset?

The Name itself indicated that Ad set, it is a combination of ads that will have common Campaign settings applied for how, when and where to run.

What is Dynamic creative?

Dynamic creative is one of the campaigns optimization techniques that aims to help advertisers automatically deliver high-performing combinations of their creative assets to their audiences.

What is Custom Audience?

A Custom Audience is one of the Audience targeting methods available in ad networks that aims to help advertisers to optimize the campaign with custom targeting. Using this Custom audience targeting option we are able to target existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

A Lookalike Audience is one of the audience targeting methods available on ad networks aimed to help advertisers to reach audiences who are likely to be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics to your existing customers.

What is Saved audience?

Saved Audience is one of the Audience targeting available on Facebook Ad network that helps to pull out the audience list that has already been used for previous campaigns.

What is Detailed Targeting?

Detailed targeting is one of the Audience targeting available on Facebook ad network that aims to help advertisers to refine the group of people we show your ads to with information such as additional demographics, interests and behaviours.

What are Ad Placements?

The name itself indicates Placements, it refers to a list of Places on the ad network where you can run your ads. Ad placements can be varied Depending on the Campaign objective we choose when we create our marketing campaign.

What are Automatic placements?

Automatic Placements are the ad placements that are self places by the Ad network itself.

What are Manual placements?

Manual Placements are the ad placements that are placed by the Advertizer.

What is Primary Text?

Primary ad text is one of the Ad copy Items we add to the Our Facebook Campaign which shows up above the image or video on the Ad.

What are URL Parameters?

URL parameters are the additions to the URLs in Campaigns. It is a way to structure additional information for a given URL.