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Best Places to Visit Near Madanapalli : Tourist & Must Seen

Best Places to Visit Near Madanapalle

Do you have any plans to visit must-see places in Madanapalle?

Looking for a list of Top-rated tourist places that you can hit with your family.

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Yes! You heard true.

Madanapalle is one of the iconic towns in Andhra Pradesh amidst stunning places around it.

Many unexplored places around Madanapalle are not known by local people also.

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There are many hidden beauties of Andhra Ooty known by only the nearest residents.

Now, Are you looking for a List of top-rated tourist attractions with millions of tourist visits?

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Our Team collected the below-mentioned list of places based on user feedback and visit counts.

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One can store beautiful memories with these beautiful Hidden places near madanapalle. one can also defiantly experience stunning beauties of Small Ponds, monuments, Lakes, Hill stations, Villages & food streets.


An iconic town located in the Middle of Chittor district with 1.8 Lacks Population( 2021 records). Also very closest to the world-famous Tirupathi Balaji temple. Madanapalle- was controlled by two Kings called Madananna & Ramanna. in memory of these two kings name changed to Maryada Ranamma Puram.

Though Madanapalli comes under the District, this fastest emerging city is more generous than its District.

How To Reach Madanapalle?

One can reach Madanapalle by Car, Bus, Flight & Train.

  • Distance From Bangalore is 126km
  • Distance From Chennai is 245km
  • Distance From Tirupati is 114km
  • Distance From Chittoor is 50km
  • Distance From Puttaparthi is 123km

Must Visit Places Near Madanapalle

Below are some of the best tourist places surrounding Madanapalle which are worth trying.

#1. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Most Popular & visited Hill station near madanapalle. Nature Gift to madanapalle residents & neighboring tourists for ages. This God gifts nature beauty situated 9 miles from Madanapalle town. Horsley Hills Also called Horsleykonda or Yenugulla Mallamma Konda By local people. Named after a legend of a saintly woman named Mallamma & it was Founded by: Horsley(British collector) around 1870.

It is also called the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh due to its climatic conditions and surrounding premises. Horsley hills said to one of the tallest hill stations in Andhra Pradesh state- Around 1290m(4320 ft). One of the cool things about this place, Min climatic temperature is 15 degrees & the max is 30degrees.

You can find Many Tourism Attractions like wall climbing, swimming, Rope Slidings, Zoopark, Shooting games & trampoline available.

Places to Explore in Horsley Hills
  • Zoo
  • Mallamma Temple
  • Hill ViewPoint
  • Gali Bandalu
  • Trekking Hill
  • Dumukurallu Waterfalls
  • Lake

How to Reach Horsley Hills

There is no direct Transportation to Horsley Hills from major cities Like Bangalore, Chennai, or Hyderabad. If you want to reach this Andhra Ooty, you have to touch the nearest hubs of Madanapalli. From Madanapalle town it is around 9km far.

  • Horsley hills distance from Bangalore is 143km
  • Horsley hills distance from madanapalli is 9km
  • Horsley hills distance from Chennai is 259km
  • Horsley hills distance from Hyderabad is 526km

#2. BT college madanapalle

BT college madanapalle

The oldest & Still successfully running college in madanapalle. This Historic education center in madanapalle town BT College. BT College is known for Besant Theosophical college -named after Annie Besant. BT College - was established on 19th July 1915 before SV University Tirupati.

The Full form of BT College is Besant Theosophical College is often said to be one of the oldest colleges in the region of Andhra Pradesh.

Website :

One can Reach BT college madanapalle By following this Address: I-555, Giri Rao Street, Bangalore Road, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh 517325 Besant Theosophical College Is an ideal option in case if you want to explore the best places around madanapalle

How to Reach
  • Direct Auto From Bangalore Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#3. High-Quality Silk Sarees manufacturing

High-Quality Silk Sarees manufacturing

Neerugattuvaaripalle -A small part of the town situated Near the tomato yard. A well-known place for locals and neighboring towns for High-quality silk sarees. Sarees made by local handloom people without using modern machinery. This Driving massive attention from neighboring states because of the quality they are maintaining.

Neerugattuvaaripalle becomes a one-stop shopping solution for Pattu sarees for marriages. Saree lovers from madanapalle and neighboring towns & Districts are floating this place each day. Gaint saree Sellers export these sarees to major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai in bulk amounts.

How to Reach
  • Direct Auto From Bangalore Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#4. Tomato Market

Tomato Market Yard Madanapalle

India Largest revenue division in the Farming sector- Madanapalle Tomato Yard. Manadanapalle is also said to be Tomato land( the land of Tomatoes) in India. The Reason Being, The biggest tomato markets in India, Asia. This yard constantly buzzes with farmers & Exporters. Farmers Around Madanapalle bring their harvested Tomatoes from the farms to the market.

How to Reach
  • Direct Auto From Bangalore Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#5. kollabylu waterfalls

kollabylu waterfalls Madanapelle

Kollabylu is a small village which is situated 5KM from Madanapalle town. A Mini waterfall that is driving Massive travel attention from Nature enthusiasts. Waterfalls & Glorious Nature of the Kollabylu Village falls themselves compensates for these other eyesores. This Falls can be your one-stop solution in case if you love to explore nature. Kollabylu is a small hamlet situated just 4 KM away from madanapalle.

#6. RR Street: Commercial Street Shopping

RR Street Madanapalle

The Most crowded place in Madanapalle- for people who love to do commercial street shopping. In festival times, you won’t get enough space to Stand around at RR Street shopping because of shopping vibes. You can buy Clothing, Food, Accessories, Fish, Meat, chicken, Groceries. & and Much more from this RR street. Do visit this beautiful street shopping place when you visit Madanapalle.

How to Reach
  • Direct Auto From Bangalore Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#7. Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

Gangamma Temple at Boyakonda, one of the most visited Hindu Pilgrimage center places around madanapalle. Gangamma Devi (an incarnation of Shakti) temple Boyakonda is 20km away from Madanapalle Town comes under Chowdepalli Mandal.

Devotees come here to make their wishes come true by offering a hen or a sheep. The meat will be cooked at the same place and eat by all the family members. Do visit once in a lifetime and feel the Greatness of Gangamma Devi Temple.

How to Reach
  • Direct Bus From RTC Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#8. Nimmanapalle Dam

Nimmanapalle Dam

One of the best & largest dams around Madanapalle is also known as Bahuda Dam. People around Nimmanadapalle and Madanapalle love to spend time at this beautiful water Dam. You will get a better experience once you directly visit this place.

How to Reach
  • Direct Bus From RTC Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#9. CTM Jaatara

CTM Jaatara

CTM jatara, the most liked festival to the people near Madanapalle. All the villages around CTM will come together & they will celebrate this jaatara in the month of March. For local people, This Jaatara becomes a Bigger festival than traditional festivals.

How to Reach
  • Direct Bus From RTC Bus Stop
  • Direct Transport from Local Stops

#10. Shirdi Saibaba Temple

Saibaba Temple Madanapalle

The Most popular Sai Baba Temple - established in the heart of Madanapalle Town. This Sai baba temple is one of the must-see places in madanapalle due to its traditional values. None of the local people nearby this temple miss visiting each Thursday. The pilgrims visit this temple and pray Saibaba and think that their wishes come true. Do visit this temple and get blessed by Saibaba.

#11. Basinikonda Temple

Basinikonda Temple

Basinikonda Vishnu Temple- established at the center of the Madanapalle town. During festival periods- Locals love to climb Hill along with Friends & Families.

#12. Mallaiah konda

Mallaiah konda

Popular Hill temple is located offroad to Bangalore Highway. On top of this peak is a temple of mallikarjuna swami (shiva). One can reach this place by taking a left turn near vempalli village while traveling from Madanapalle to Bengaluru. Luckily, the area is still pristine even though it is near the town. It offers beautiful views of madanapalle town. One can also see the surrounding mahamalleshwara hills.

FAQ on Places To Visit Near Madanapalle

Q1. Is Horsley Hills worth visiting?

Yes, Horsley Hills are worth visiting. Do you love exploring nature, Do you like heights then you must visit these beautiful hills which are packed with tons of tourist attractions which will definitely mesmerize you. Don’t forget to visit this beautiful Andhra ooty.

Q2. What is the best time to visit Horsley Hills?

The best time to visit horsley hills is during the rainy season. in rainy seasons you can see beautiful real green vibes. Lacks of trees and flowers gives you the best experience that you have never seen before.

Q3. How far is madanapalle from Bangalore?

Distance between Bangalore to Madanapalli is 126km,Distance between Chennai to Madanapalle 245km,Distance between Tirupati to Madanapalle is 114km,Distance between Chittoor to Madanapalli is 50km & Distance between Puttaparthi to Madanapalle is 123km

Q4. Travel Time from Madanapalle to Bengaluru by Road is?

It will Take min 3hrs by Bus , By Bike 2:30hrs & by 2 Hrs by Car

Q5. Is there any Airport nearby Madanapalle

There are three airpots nearby Madanapalle i.e Tirupathi, Bangalore(3 Hrs) & Chennai